Sunday 30 January 2011


I'ma buy a pair of black 1460 or 1490 and punk them out with some studs. Punkt Shop in Stockholm is probably the best place for buying the studs - haven't seen such a great collection of different types anywhere in Finland.
White 1460 Combat Boots would match my white NSW M65 so maybe I should get those too.



Not planning on posting every piece of clothing I ever wear/buy - just something once in a while. Today's/Yesterday's ARMY vs TECH inspired outfit: NSW Gore-Tex M65, Nike Dri-Fit Scarf, Cheap Monday, Nike Air Ratna Boot. The M65 jacket is probably my favorite piece of clothing right now - so versatile. Same applies to the scarf/bandana too.

Did some sunday afternoon design for a school project too:
It's WIP though.

HADOUKEN = alwayzZz ledge

Saturday 29 January 2011



Studying -> work -> gym -> work -> Annie Mac on BBC Radio1 -> a party or two -> McDonalds at 4am -> the last bus back to Espoo. That's one way to start the weekend.

This friday the main thing was Optimo at Club YK - it kinda reminded me of Misf*ts in Redrum back in the days - more house & less electro though. Thanks to HWTDJS for drinks & dutch house for starters too - Leo Lotsaless played way better tracks than what you usually hear at SK-clubs.

Double Cheeseburgers are cool - ordered 4 of them and ate just the beefsszzz.

Here's a cool remake of an iconic modern disco track - I first heard this one when my mate JENKEM SNIFFA (ATHL Squad) played it at Nolla:


Most people probably don't know that I had a fashion/music blog back in 2008.

Actually I first got to know one of my best friends because of that blog.

That's inspiring enough to start blogging again.