Sunday 22 January 2012

VOO Concept Store

The Entrance is almost identical with 10 Corso Como in Milan
In Berlin the most interesting boutiques and restaurants are usually located in the Mitte area so the owners of Voo Concept Store had made a bold move by setting up shop deep into Kreuzberg several U-Bahn Stations from the borders of Mitte.

Currently looking for that Pendleton Wooden Mills blanket in Queen/King size. Leave a Comment if you know where to get it online & shipped to Finland.
The 300m2 space used to belong to a locksmith and it has been cleaned up nicely.
There's also a small cafe at the other end of the space.
Like many independent fashion concept stores Voo mixes stylish brands from various styles and price ranges. In the beginning of 2012 there was plenty of interesting stuff in stock, but I ended up buying just one book.

Thanks to Tuukka13 for the tip on Voo. Otherwise might've missed this one.


I wear a lot of things on my left wrist to remind me of the inspiring electronic music culture and good times with great people. This spring I'll surely add one more thing to remind me to hold on to an active lifestyle..

I've never been someone who needs gadgets for extra motivation for doing sports of all kinds (except swimming lol). However I'm really excited to tell you about this new Nike+ FuelBand bracelet that was publicly launched on Thursday evening. Basically it's a sophisticated accelerometer that tracks it's users movement and converts it into a universal measure of activity: NikeFuel.

In case your wondering what it looks like when worn you can see a preview at @LanceArmstrong Twitter.

For more info (and US pre-order) click over to

General Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and the contents of this post are based only on information publicly available to anyone at Nike.Com/Fuelband, and

Sunday 15 January 2012


Berghain is a legendary nightclub built inside a former power plant between Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg parts of Berlin. Going to the place often described as one of the world capitals of techno is always something special. All the hype brings in a lot of tourists, but Sven Marquardt and his people on the door seem to be skilled at selecting people who are in for the music and the party and also know how to behave.

Here's some quick photos of my outfit for the Klubnacht Total Silvester 2011/2012 event.
Original Dr. Martens are always good for long days / nights.
Worn out Cheap Monday + Weekday T-shirt
Laura Vartio 06 Necklace
Laura Vartio is a cool Finnish designer/blogger who's been designing jewelry for several years now. The collection where that necklace is from is the first collection bearing her own name which is always a sign of certain dedication. Limited run of the nails&leather infused collection was available at Helsinki10 before xmas - more photos and maybe also info on retail availability can be found on the official facebook page.

Berlin Streetfood: ROSEN BURGER

Remember when I wrote about Burgermeister? This time in Berlin we found something even better. Rosen Burger is a relatively new self-service burger restaurant near Rosenthaler Platz.

Like many burger restaurants in Berlin they offer the possibility to order any dish with Bio-meat. For hardcore hippies there's many vegetarian options as well.

 Take-away works too! You can find Rosenburger near Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahnhof (Brunnenstrasse 196, 10119 Berlin). Well worth a visit.

Thursday 12 January 2012

scenes from BERL|N M|TTE

During 2011 I stayed in Berlin in 4 different locations, twice in Mitte and twice in Kreuzberg area. Both have their own advantages. Mitte usually has better connections to other parts of the city and most of the interesting shops and many good restaurants are close. On the other hand Kreuzberg is closer to the best techno/deephouse caves and if you book early via airbnb there are some great deals up for grabs. Here's some random fisheye photos from Mitte.

Friday 6 January 2012


This blog is not primarily for reposting lookbooks, not to mention runway-photos, but when I saw the material from Asger Juel Larsen Spring/Summer 2012 I felt instantly inspired. And inspired enough to present the photos to You. The Danish designer based in London mixes medieval, punk and a bit of sportswear elements into clothes that are rough, relevant and often look wearable (even as full outfits) right off the runway - not necessarily at the office, but rather at the darker techno caves.

The photo above is my favorite from the lookbook. The tights + shorts combo is not the easiest to pull off, but I think it works really well in this look.

My favorites from Asger Juel Larsen SS12 Runway photos
All photos from AJL is also on Facebook. And props to the Japan Correspondent @iamjenkemsniffa for first finding these!


Before the holidays & going to BΞRL|N again I went to Shanghai Cowboy to catch up with my foreign-living friend Tuukka. In the night-time the food and especially the atmosphere were both really good for casual eatings&drinkings. I can recommend the Chili Con Carne + mexican spiced beer for dessert and the vegan hippie food was legit too I from what I hear.

The pocket camera lens distortion makes makes me look almost like a millwall fan but didn't have any better pic soz.