Friday 30 September 2011


THE WΞΞKΞND™ is here. Here's some photos from last week's edition - cheeers to everyone involved.

Happy Bday Heidi & GLHF in Japan Anttoni-San! ☯

at Basso ft. Sara & Renaz
BΞN aka Blavatsky
Check out BΞNJΔMIN's new minimix:
"Everything is Jazz" by blavatsky

And if you're still wondering where to go this Friday - here's a hot tip. Go to Nolla to see the rising star of deep house & disco - The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club. Met him earlier today while having lunch/dinner w blavatsky & disco-olli.

Enjoy THE WΞΞKΞND™ and if you can't make it to Nolla you can always listen to this really good mix from SPDSC:
The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club — Live Mix 14.09.2011 by SPDSC

// First photo on the post was taken by Suvi (Dmndz ta life) - I can recommend everyone to check out her blog, it's a cool one.

Saturday 24 September 2011


As most of ya'll probably already know Instagram is an app / photography social network where people can share square shaped photos taken with an iPhone. The app has been around for ages, but only recently I've noticed lots of people joining in. What I like most about instagram is how well it works as a hub for photosharing and collecting memories. With instagram it's also easy to compile a constant feed of photos from skateboarding industry professionals ranging from Ali Boulala to Nicky Diamonds.

Here's some of my recent snapshots:

My Instagram name is jasonfi - FOLLOW AND I'LL FOLLOW U BACK OR SUMTHNG!

Friday 16 September 2011

Herr Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner is a name most of you might've heard before. And techno is a music genre everyone has heard of for sure. Even if you had already formed a negative opinion on the two things above (monotonic music only suitable for drug abusers etc.) I still suggest you to keep reading.

I could've declared my love for the Berlin techno/electro sound through some other less known artist like Lucy, Robac Wruhme or Delta Funktionen, but I decided to write about Herr Kalkbrenner. That is because if I feel like if I had heard his stuff 10 years ago I still would''ve liked it a lot.

He has also proven that he can turn pretty much any song into a 100% legit blend of German techno/electro. Just take a look the following example:
1) Listen to the first song posted below (I know it's a pretty lame pop song, that's the point.)
2) Take your soundsystem to the (MAX) & listen to the second song posted below (or if you're in a hurry, go straight to 01:30)

And finally here's a nice selection of Kalkbrenner originals & remixes (don't expect anything special or rare, just the popular but great stuff): MiNiMAL NIGHT AFFAIRS - PAUL KALKBRENNER SPECIAL by Frank Sharp

Frieden Heraus // Peace Out!

Tuesday 13 September 2011


One of the legends in european electronic music. Awesome DJ & producer. He & Riton (not pictured) played a great show on the legendary closing timeslot at Sonar 2010 and I still remember vividly how Busy P walked into the dj booth to take this picture. RIP DJ Mehdi.

Cambridge Circus (Mehdi Favéris-Essadi) - Ulysses (1999). Heard this for the first time on a skateboarding video in very early 2000 and it has been one of my favorite tracks ever since.

Monday 12 September 2011


MARSHEAUX are a great Greek synthpop band established 2003. I had previously heard their biggest hit - a remake of a 1970s hit 'Pop Corn', but today I ran into some other Marsheaux songs and really liked that stuff. Chill music to listen to on a Sunday evening.

Marsheaux has also made some really good remixes of songs from artists ranging from Sally Shapiro to Hurts. My favorite from their own songs right now is this one - the one embedded below ain't bad either.

Thursday 8 September 2011


My latest purchase - VTG World Cup 1994 USA: 57,8USD from Allsport-National via eBay. B00M!
Snapbacks in the Summer & vintage NHL beanies in the Winter have been amongst my preferred headgear for several years now. Originally it comes from the days when I used to buy pretty much all my clothes from eBay and it was always fun to look for some epic vintage gems.

Here's some of my current favorites:

eBay back in 2008 - paid less than 30USD, but the infamous Gestapo immediately offered 50 cheezburgers for this one. Didn't sell.
Pens used to be my favorite team when I was a diehard NHL fan & hockey card collector. SuperMario #66 nuff said.
One of my more recent snapback purchases. Live & Direct from RED DRAGONS CANADA!
eBay is still the place to go if you want to add some epicness & legitness to your weekend wardrobe (lolwat):
VTG Oakland Raiders x Yupoong - 49,99$ at Allsport National
VTG Detroit Red Wings x TI$A - 89,99USD (or Best Offer)
And finally.. EPIC SANTA - 9,999USD (or Best Offer) - ForAllToEnvy via eBay.
After securing the highly sought after USA World Cup '94 cap earlier this week I already decided to write something about snapbacks. It's purely a coincidence that these OG Finnish appreciators of vintage sports apparel just released a new song/video that's all about snapbacks:

Oh, and I'm 23 yrs old now. Peace out!

Saturday 3 September 2011


Running is the reason I haven't been able to blog so much recently. To be exact it's not that I would've been training extra hard for Midnight Run Helsinki, but rather that I've been working extra hard for this special project called 'Nike Running Club Helsinki - Unfair Advantage'.

It's been truly a pleasure to work with really nice Helsinki based bloggers Shafik, Vuokko, Riku & Sara and a top level production team including Jaakko, Jyri, Keppi & co from Pablo Films, photographer Kai Kuusisto & Nenis from Top Billin.

At the shoot I of course spent most of the time behind the cameras but as you can see from the first pic there was also time for a quick cameo when the day was starting to turn into a night.

As a COOL BONUS™ here's some images from Nike Running Club season opening, taken by Taavetti Alin:

Next Nike Running Club run is hosted by Shafik from the World Famous Diamonds & Pearls blog. Sign up on facebook - almost 100 runners have already done so!

General Disclaimer: As always this is a personal blog and all the opinions are my own and not those of Nike or any other company or brand.