Friday, 30 September 2011


THE WΞΞKΞND™ is here. Here's some photos from last week's edition - cheeers to everyone involved.

Happy Bday Heidi & GLHF in Japan Anttoni-San! ☯

at Basso ft. Sara & Renaz
BΞN aka Blavatsky
Check out BΞNJΔMIN's new minimix:
"Everything is Jazz" by blavatsky

And if you're still wondering where to go this Friday - here's a hot tip. Go to Nolla to see the rising star of deep house & disco - The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club. Met him earlier today while having lunch/dinner w blavatsky & disco-olli.

Enjoy THE WΞΞKΞND™ and if you can't make it to Nolla you can always listen to this really good mix from SPDSC:
The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club — Live Mix 14.09.2011 by SPDSC

// First photo on the post was taken by Suvi (Dmndz ta life) - I can recommend everyone to check out her blog, it's a cool one.

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