Thursday 8 September 2011


My latest purchase - VTG World Cup 1994 USA: 57,8USD from Allsport-National via eBay. B00M!
Snapbacks in the Summer & vintage NHL beanies in the Winter have been amongst my preferred headgear for several years now. Originally it comes from the days when I used to buy pretty much all my clothes from eBay and it was always fun to look for some epic vintage gems.

Here's some of my current favorites:

eBay back in 2008 - paid less than 30USD, but the infamous Gestapo immediately offered 50 cheezburgers for this one. Didn't sell.
Pens used to be my favorite team when I was a diehard NHL fan & hockey card collector. SuperMario #66 nuff said.
One of my more recent snapback purchases. Live & Direct from RED DRAGONS CANADA!
eBay is still the place to go if you want to add some epicness & legitness to your weekend wardrobe (lolwat):
VTG Oakland Raiders x Yupoong - 49,99$ at Allsport National
VTG Detroit Red Wings x TI$A - 89,99USD (or Best Offer)
And finally.. EPIC SANTA - 9,999USD (or Best Offer) - ForAllToEnvy via eBay.
After securing the highly sought after USA World Cup '94 cap earlier this week I already decided to write something about snapbacks. It's purely a coincidence that these OG Finnish appreciators of vintage sports apparel just released a new song/video that's all about snapbacks:

Oh, and I'm 23 yrs old now. Peace out!

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