Monday 27 June 2011


WhatsApp is a multi-platform mobile application that enables a spontaneous chat between users of different smartphones. Some might claim that it can replace SMS, because it enables you to send text messages to others as long as they're on WhatsApp and you have their phone#.

SMS doesn't need to be replaced - it works perfectly as it is. Actually WhatsApp has created a new messaging medium more casual and chat-like than SMS. It's a bit difficult to explain - all I can do really is to recommend WhatsApp to all my friends.

I first heard of this app last year when some UK heads were shouting about it on facebook. And remained sceptical about it for way too long as I didn't realise that it really does work with most smartphones - not just Bold BBs & iPhones:

iPhone. (Requires iOS 3.1 or later) · Android (OS 2.1 or above) · BlackBerry (OS 4.5 or above) · Symbian^3: N8 · C6 · C7 · E7 S60 5th edition: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic · Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition · Nokia 5530 XpressMusic · Nokia 5230 · Nokia 5233 · Nokia N97 · Nokia N97 mini · Nokia X6 · Nokia C6 · Samsung i8910 Omnia HD · Sony Ericsson Satio · Sony Ericsson Vivaz · Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro · Nokia N8 S60 3rd edition: LG KS10 · LG KT610 · LG KT615 · Nokia 5700 XpressMusic · Nokia 6110 Navigator · Nokia 6120 Classic · Nokia 6121 Classic · Nokia 6124 classic · Nokia 6290 · Nokia E51 · Nokia E63 · Nokia E66 · Nokia E71 · Nokia E90 Communicator · Nokia N76 · Nokia N81 · Nokia N81 8GB · Nokia N82 · Nokia N95 · Nokia N95 8GB · Samsung SGH-G810 · Samsung SGH-i400 · Samsung SGH-i408 · Samsung SGH-i450 · Samsung SGH-i458 · Samsung SGH-i520 · Samsung SGH-i550 · Samsung SGH-i550w · Samsung SGH-i560 · Samsung SGH-i568 · Nokia 5320 XpressMusic · Nokia 5630 XpressMusic · Nokia 5730 XpressMusic · Nokia 6210 Navigator · Nokia 6220 Classic · Nokia 6650 fold · Nokia 6710 Navigator · Nokia 6720 Classic · Nokia 6730 Classic · Nokia 6760 Slide · Nokia 6790 Surge · Nokia C5 · Nokia E52 · Nokia E55 · Nokia E71x · Nokia E72 · Nokia E75 · Nokia E5 · Nokia N78 · Nokia N79 · Nokia N85 · Nokia N86 8MP · Nokia N96 · Samsung GT-i8510 · Samsung GT-I7110 · Samsung SGH-L870

Back in 1960s Marshall McLuhan illustrated how The Medium is The Message. Most of the stuff he wrote&illustrated back then still apply in one form or another. That's why I'm recommending everyone to head over to and download this app for your device.

Friday 24 June 2011


Yesterday I saw a local #jonne w/ a effin magikarp tattoo. sry for no pics of that.

Midsummer is the time to play that Finnish DisKo. Tiskijukat Turin Säkki & Keravan Kolli have once again released an epixmixx of Finnish music - attend & download here. These guys might be running out of tracks though - 9 mixes of this stuff is a LOT.

Therefore I'd actually suggest YA'LL to listen to the legendary SYNTEETTINEN SUOMI II by DISCO URSE & DISCO KÄKI. I've had this on my playlist for yars but it still sets the standard for these mixes IMO. CLICK HERE 2 DOWNLOAD/STREAM THAT STUFF ***** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!! p4k 10.0

and if u r spendin #summerinthecity SLAP Juhannus Special is the place to go. 

Monday 20 June 2011


S0narWeek in BCN is not only about the official event. After Sonar by Night had closed at around 7:30am we still had the energy to find a cab that could take us to El Prat Beach to check out the infamous EL ROW Sunday Morning afterparty.

Big names like TIGA & Richie Hawtin have previously played at these events. I think the biggest artist on this lineup was Adam Beyer who's some sort of a techno legend from Sweden. Anywayzz the sound was good throughout the event.

Here's some footage from previous events at ROW14:

And here's some footage of the epic journey to El Prat:

Most of the half way crook cab drivers drifting 150km/h between El Prat and BCN City are blasting FlaixFM which is practically the Catalan version of KLF - only with the exception that FlaixFM is actually constantly presenting fresh & entertaining mainstream club music (whilst KLF still seems to be occasionally playing Barbie Girl by Aqua and other srsly awkward stuff).

Music-wise FlaixFM doesn't really have anything to do with Sonar (or ROW14 either), but the epic cab rides to El Prat & back are such an essential part of the Sonar afterparty experience that FlaixFM deserves to be on this post.

This year's FlaixFM's #1 post-ironic future superhit of our cab ride was this one (highly unbloggable content but hey that's the point of FlaixFM at 12:30 pm on the SonarWeek Sunday):

And in order not to identify the epicness of Flaix with just one track - here's three more:

Click here 2 listen 2 FlaixFM! And they have an iPhone app too - NICE!

Next posts will be about more advanced music again - meanwhile u can listen to Sonar Radio 2011 by clicking here! Or even order your Sonar2012 pass for the price of 2005 here (Limited time offer!).

Friday 17 June 2011


REPORTING LIVE from Barça aka HESA! SPECIAL DELIVERYYYY: some images from Mobilee Records XCLUSIVE BOAT.
Featuring Tuukka13, Mikmo & co! We met Shafeezy aka Kid KADI later on that evening as well and had a blast at Sala RazzmaHEZA. More #EPIC pictures or no pictures @ and/or/neither @ Diamonds & Pearls

Tuesday 14 June 2011


Tomorrow I'm once flying 2 Barcelona - it's time for Sonar Barcelona 2011 International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. Last year's edition was probably the best music festival I've ever been to so expectations are high.

Sonar essentials. A good hearing protection system is really a must. Those shades were a part of last year's #AccreditedBro-kit and bought them off some AccreditedBro for a ridiculous 20€.

DJ Hell was the king of Sonar by Night last year - epic set at the most epic timeslot of the event - 05:00-> on Sunday morning:

This year I'm especially looking forward to two things: seeing Annie Mac live and experiencing James Holden play the "DJ Hell"-timeslot at Sun 05:00->

As a bonus here's various photos from #Sonar2k10:

Crystal Castlest

Crystal Castles live was a really positive surprise. I was expecting something kinda lame especially with the 9:30pm (SOFT-ROCK)set-time but in the end it was actually one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Highly recommended. 

Monday 13 June 2011


It's been rediculously sunny for the past 7 days or so. Haven't had time to hit the beach at all though (30 minutes doesn't really count). Gonna get seriously burnt next week in Barcelona. BTW the drink pictured is called LILT and it's a nice combination of fruit juice, a bit of sugar & sweeteners at 20kcal/dl #smartsnack. H8 any amount of sugar in drinks though.
Ran into this new release few days ago. I guess it's a bit of an inside joke - G-funk with xtra cheesy #hausmyllywave production. These dudes produced some entertaining tracks already in early 2000 and they know how to not always take themselves dead seriously. I don't listen to rap as much as I did 5 years ago, but I still highly appreciate clever lines or full tracks that bring a positive smile to my face.

Kuningas Pähkinä & Setä Tamu - Syksyllä Palmasiin by Kuningas Pähkinä

Download the 3 track EP here. This makes it two Finnish rap related postings in a row. (?!?!?). If you're disappointed not to find any surf rock on this post (yet) just check out French Films and Big Wave Riders.

Saturday 11 June 2011


Here's a few photos from sunny HESA. Saw Rudy & Joda do the street freestyle thing again. Pure entertainment.

This is interesting as well. Someone had LAZER-printed an a4 picture of new Finland NT captain Petri Pasanen fighting for the ball with Rafael Van Der Vaart. No matter how random all signs of football culture in Finland are always worth a positive thumbs up.

Also took some time to read the latest issue of Basso. Worth a subscription - I'd buy one if I didn't end up getting the latest issue for free so often. :-D

Here's some NSFW Rudy Rääväsuu aka Ruudolf classics:
Rääväsuu - Ääni Kuin Kerma
Rääväsuu - Sun Kulmalla

Bought this RudyWöller EP back in ~2004 for 5€ so - it's still probably the only even relatively rare record I've ever owned. As I haven't seen it recently I guess I sold it later, which must've been stupid.

Thursday 9 June 2011

STAG & DAGGER LDN [&dagger]

In the series of stories from the UK.. Stag & Dagger is an interesting annual music festival arranged in London and Glasgow where one ticket/wristband gives access to a selection of modern music in different venues. Stag&Dagger London took place in the Hoxton/Shoreditch area and it was a good way to explore that part of the city.

As we were kinda late with getting the tickets and all we only got to see two shows/venues: New Young Pony Club @ MacBeth and Star Slinger @ Queen of Hoxton.

MacBeth seemed like an average (but rather expensive pub) that was well overcrowded for the NYPC show..

 ..which was decent. Not MAD DECENT though - saw them in Sonar2010 and it was way better back then for some reason.

The Queen of Hoxton had a really cool vintage arcade machine - beats the lame pinball machine at tavastia 6-1.

I first ran into Star Slinger via his great remix on Childish Gambino - Freaks & Geeks. His talent in finding new sides to highly bloggable (can u even say that) music doesn't end there. Freaks&Geeks wasn't played as UK people don't really know about Childish so the highlight of the set was this:

Here's some more Stag n Dagger (if you write &_dagger u get † lol) related tunes:
Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix) by Star Slinger

Wednesday 8 June 2011


I caught a small injury in this week's edition of Monday Night Football and the grand total of one (1) stitch in the forehead is forcing me to skip a full week of training. On the bright side it gave me the spare time required to redesign this blog in order to make it easier to read and comment on!

Here's an inspiring piece of clothing to celebrate JASON.FI 2.0 [and to demonsrate the capabilities of ULTRA HD 480P IMAGES #3D_IS_NEXT]:

Ran into this vintage Levi's denim shirt in #VALTTERI last winter (while getting rid of plenty of my old gear). That specific fleamarket is srsly unchill, but the shirt is perfect especially when worn with shorts.

 What do you think of the new blog layout (or that shirt)?  Let me know a.k.a. GET INVOLVED!