Tuesday 14 June 2011


Tomorrow I'm once flying 2 Barcelona - it's time for Sonar Barcelona 2011 International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. Last year's edition was probably the best music festival I've ever been to so expectations are high.

Sonar essentials. A good hearing protection system is really a must. Those shades were a part of last year's #AccreditedBro-kit and bought them off some AccreditedBro for a ridiculous 20€.

DJ Hell was the king of Sonar by Night last year - epic set at the most epic timeslot of the event - 05:00-> on Sunday morning:

This year I'm especially looking forward to two things: seeing Annie Mac live and experiencing James Holden play the "DJ Hell"-timeslot at Sun 05:00->

As a bonus here's various photos from #Sonar2k10:

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