Tuesday 29 March 2011


Nike Golf // NSW // Zara // NSW

Photo taken yesterday with 2 shots - didn't have time for more between emails & conf.calls. :D Super busy times with all the work & uni.work stacking up.

NSW FFF is a quite interesting collection where football & fashion culture meet. The first promo pictures for the new France Football Federation National Team away shirt were taken by Karl Lagerfeld.

The Weeknd seems like a chill new artist - first ran into this after Miika Saksi posted on Facebook it so shoutouts to him!

Saturday 26 March 2011


The first picture is not the whole truth about thursday's blizzy weather conditions. :D Anyway I wish I had more time for snowboarding, it's always fun. Need to step my game up for next season.

Time 2 go 2 HESA 2 play some records (mp3s..) at a farewell party where the host ain't going anywhere anytime soon at least.

Much respect for DJ Hell! He's set at last year's Sonar Festival was one of the best I've ever witnessed. I heard that at one point didn't have an apartment, but some warehouse space full of vinyl in Berlin instead. Touring the world & living in hotels.

Tuesday 22 March 2011


Last week I was adviced to check out this In Search of the Ridiculous skateboarding film and I'm glad I did. Really inspiring skateboarding & editing/cinematography throughout the 40 minute movie.

In Search of the Ridiculous from my comrade on Vimeo.

Xtra props for filming at all those Espoo spots that are even rougher than they look, for example that spot pictured is right in front of where I went to upper secondary school and I can tell you that's not easy to skate (not for me at least). And special shoutouts to Johannes for using a live cover of 'Can't Stand Me Now' filmed in a living room on the soundtrack - that's as close to Albion Rooms as you can get in Finland.

When you really feel like going out to sk8 after seeing a skateboarding movie, you know you've seen a good one.

Sunday 20 March 2011


Trick tips are usually about skateboarding, but now that seems distant again with all this new snow. Below is another type of trick tip - originally discovered on the trip back from kaamos2011 when I really hungry, the train station cafe had sold out on any food (except for salted peanuts) and all I has had was 1 cheezburger (and peanuts).

4x cheezburger + 1x assorted salted peanuts from K-Market Kamppi. Surprisingly good. Be Healthy.

Here's some music tips too (1x electro 1x dnb + 1x dubstep):

Friday 18 March 2011



Bought a second pair same chinos in different color from Zara just a few days ago.

Gotta support Japanese culture in these really hard times for that country. Hopefully they get everything under control and my friend Jan get's to go for well deserved exchange studies. These are from Stockmann Deli though, but atleast one of the people working the friday evening shift was genuinely Japanese - and Stockmann Deli does beat all other non-restaurant sushi I've come across so far.

Gotta compensate for them low carbs, man!

Busy P & Co are also showing support for Japan with this charity t-shirt. Unlike most coolcats releases, it's not really limited edition.

Oh, and THE WEEKEND'S HERE. I can highly recommend tuning into BBC Radio 1 from 21:00 GMT+2 onwards.

Random cool track:

Thursday 17 March 2011


Busy times. Found some chinos with a good tapered fit from Zara.

I'm really starting to realise how good Pete Tong really is at what he does. Seen him live once btw.

Here's just one pick from the mix.

Saturday 12 March 2011


It is now!. Not used to doing the Uni Work Annie Mac's always on about on a Friday at 11:30PM. And when it comes to cheap sushi Tesco @UK and Albert Heijn @Netherlands beat Pirkka of Finland..

As a brand Burberry's kinda underrated. They actually have some really good quality products and interesting marketing also beyond that trenchcoat thing with the Sartorialist.

Some more Donald Glover - I can recommend checking out his blog too:

Friday 11 March 2011


Did this for a study assignment the other night. Not exactly what I was aiming to create, but at least it looks like I spent some time on it. And the assignment was for University of Technology, not the Uni of Arts, so it'll do. Need to step my PHOTOCHOP game up again though. ;#

Some tunes I was listening to:

Russ Chimes is quite awsm.

Wednesday 9 March 2011


Had a study assignment on creating a photoshoot and a self-portrait through it. It's always good to do things like these on the last possible day. This is not to finished work - which will be in a totally different style actually.

Gold Panda's cool. Heard of it first on Rob Da Bank BBC Radio 1 last summer and these new tracks are just getting better!


I've never been very passionate about playing ice hockey, but if I have some spare time it's really fun and relaxing to go out late in the evening to skate & shoot the puck around until the lights go out (which usually happens at 10pm).

Today it was surprisingly difficult to find new pucks in Helsinki City Center (having lost all the old ones lol). Most sports stores were sold out!

As my approach to playing is purely nostalgic here's some legendary equipment to match: Bauer 1000 wooden stick (player issued for Jere Lehtinen, not sure when - maybe somewhere in the 1990s :D), Winnipeg Jets Jersey & Nike Zoom Elites.

Sunday 6 March 2011


Wore this today. Bought it from Mr. Doherty's gig in Stockholm where he ended up stealing my hat (which was brought back to me 3 hours later by some drugged out local punk..). As there's no The Libertines shows coming up in the near future I'm probably going to watch Doherty play in Manchester in May.

Tried out the Kotipizza Burgerpizza too (with bacon of course - you can always add bacon). Interesting concept, but needs more beef.

And watched some football too. Probably shoudn't have. Is that a yellow?

Thursday 3 March 2011


Quick tip for runners: if you're too busy to run the route you originally wanted to - just throw on the first running equipment you can find, leave the iPods or watches at home, go out there and run as fast as you can for 15 minutes. I tried that on Tuesday and it worked for me.

Today it was back to 9,2k@00:38:30. As the first races are approaching (in like 2 months!) I wore Marathoners for the first time this year.

Another quick tip for runners: eat plenty of sushi before training runs. I tried that for two days in a row and it also worked for me. The lunch at Tokyo55 had enough variety not to become boring on the second day in a row.

Some music I've been listening to while doing work, studying etc.: