Tuesday 22 March 2011


Last week I was adviced to check out this In Search of the Ridiculous skateboarding film and I'm glad I did. Really inspiring skateboarding & editing/cinematography throughout the 40 minute movie.

In Search of the Ridiculous from my comrade on Vimeo.

Xtra props for filming at all those Espoo spots that are even rougher than they look, for example that spot pictured is right in front of where I went to upper secondary school and I can tell you that's not easy to skate (not for me at least). And special shoutouts to Johannes for using a live cover of 'Can't Stand Me Now' filmed in a living room on the soundtrack - that's as close to Albion Rooms as you can get in Finland.

When you really feel like going out to sk8 after seeing a skateboarding movie, you know you've seen a good one.

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