Thursday 29 December 2011

Tuesday 27 December 2011

ECHOES OF SILENCE ▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓████

The Wait for Echoes of Silence is finally over. Just b4 xmas KΔNΔDΔ's 21-year old gift to post-dubstep/dark-rnb MR. Abel Tesfaye finally released the third album from his debut trilogy and at least to me it sounds just as good as I expected.

Just like on the previous two Echoes of Silence has a few tracks that go extra hard. Next, XO/The Host and Michael Jackson cover D.D. have become my favorites so far. I think that if Michael Jackson was alive (and 21) right now D.D. is exactly what he would release so this remake does the original more than justice.

Click to download House of Balloons / Thursday / Echoes Of Silence (via
Releasing three highly anticipated albums completely free shows both courage and understanding of what is happening to the music industry. Having heard these three great albums I'm probably not the only one already waiting for the remastered physical release of the Trilogy wrote about on his twitter. A traditional CD-box would be dope. 3xLP would be two-copies-dope. And even if it's just flac/wav I'll buy anyway..

Sunday 18 December 2011


In these hectic times books are a slightly underrated source of inspiration. During the past few weeks I spent plenty of time reading Fashion: A Philosophy by Lars Svendsen. I bought it originally for a study assignment, but I'd say it's worth reading for anyone interested in the fashion industry.

Here's my latest purchase from Innervisions MutingTheNoise online store. The hard cover one was sold out so had to order the paperback version though.

Speaking of Techno and Berlin - one of the Berlin's greatest techno/house DJs Mira Mahn just uploaded a new mix to her Soundcloud.

Mira has an extraordinary capability of building up her mixes into something that feels like a lot more than just a set of good tracks mixed together. I'm going to Berlin again for NYE and will definitely go and check out her set in Katerholzig or Ritter Butzke.

Sunday 11 December 2011


Toolicky is a familiar face from ATHL Squad's underground parties and nowadays also from deephouse-friendly bars/clubs in Central Helsinki. I think his new mix sounds like a perfect combination of simple but effective techno & house music. Enjoy!

Friday 9 December 2011

DESIGN INSPIRATION: 1980s Group B Rally Cars

Lancia Beta 037 Montecarlo Team Martini
In the 1980s rally cars were really fast and dangerous. Group B was a rally series where there was hardly any limitations to the technical specifications of the cars, but the car body had to be based on an existing mass production model. I find these car designs inspiring for many reasons, one of the being the way the sponsor logos and general colorway of the car are often in perfect harmony. Car manufacturers must've also had their say on how to paint the cars to compliment the original design.

Audi A80 Quattro - not a "real" group B car though.

Series of driver & spectator deaths put a stop to Group B in 1987, but the legend of these insane car designs lives on.

Citroen BX
Peugeot 205 - great colorway & sponsor logo placement
Toyota Celica - not real Group B either but insane photo
Peugeot 405 Pikes Peak
Audi Quattro S1
Lancia Beta West
Lancia S4 - one of the best looking cars ever
Toyota Celica GT Four
Lancia Beta 037 Martini
Photos from various Tumblrs &

Saturday 3 December 2011


 ΔZ∃ΔLIΔ BΔNKS is a relatively new female acid-mouth from NYC. I can understand why the UK loves her tracks and I have to admit I like some of them a lot too. 1:48 - 2:15 in 212 is something to put on repeat.

Check these out:

Azealia Banks and Lunice - Runnin' by Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - 212 by i-D online

Thursday 1 December 2011

Wild Honey Vintage Pop-Up Store

Wild Honey Vintage is a new pop-up consignment store in Central Helsinki (Ludwiginkatu 3-5 - just around the corner from where Union Five used to be in the 90s). Homies at All Grey had a similar concept last year from exclusive streetwear point of view, but Wild Honey speaks to a wider audience and also includes more traditional designer items and vintage shoes & accessories to the invetory.

Here's a sneak peek to what the store looks like:

Legit lookin' Gucci briefcase
Decided to sell this almost mint LV French Purse. It's really too big to carry around in pocket so haven't used it for years.
Also selling this VTG NBA shirt from Salem Sportswear
PeeWee Herman SB Dunk Hi's are probably favorite NSB shoes for everyday wear. Not selling my pair.
There will be more stuff added to the Streetwear Section l8r
Wild Honey Vintage Pop-Up opens for public on Saturday 3.12.2011 at 11am. Click over to Wild Honey Vintage Pop-Up facebook page for more info. And shoutoutz to Laura & Iida for making this happen!