Tuesday 27 December 2011

ECHOES OF SILENCE ▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓████

The Wait for Echoes of Silence is finally over. Just b4 xmas KΔNΔDΔ's 21-year old gift to post-dubstep/dark-rnb MR. Abel Tesfaye finally released the third album from his debut trilogy and at least to me it sounds just as good as I expected.

Just like on the previous two Echoes of Silence has a few tracks that go extra hard. Next, XO/The Host and Michael Jackson cover D.D. have become my favorites so far. I think that if Michael Jackson was alive (and 21) right now D.D. is exactly what he would release so this remake does the original more than justice.

Click to download House of Balloons / Thursday / Echoes Of Silence (via the-weeknd.com)
Releasing three highly anticipated albums completely free shows both courage and understanding of what is happening to the music industry. Having heard these three great albums I'm probably not the only one already waiting for the remastered physical release of the Trilogy wrote about on his twitter. A traditional CD-box would be dope. 3xLP would be two-copies-dope. And even if it's just flac/wav I'll buy anyway..