Thursday 1 December 2011

Wild Honey Vintage Pop-Up Store

Wild Honey Vintage is a new pop-up consignment store in Central Helsinki (Ludwiginkatu 3-5 - just around the corner from where Union Five used to be in the 90s). Homies at All Grey had a similar concept last year from exclusive streetwear point of view, but Wild Honey speaks to a wider audience and also includes more traditional designer items and vintage shoes & accessories to the invetory.

Here's a sneak peek to what the store looks like:

Legit lookin' Gucci briefcase
Decided to sell this almost mint LV French Purse. It's really too big to carry around in pocket so haven't used it for years.
Also selling this VTG NBA shirt from Salem Sportswear
PeeWee Herman SB Dunk Hi's are probably favorite NSB shoes for everyday wear. Not selling my pair.
There will be more stuff added to the Streetwear Section l8r
Wild Honey Vintage Pop-Up opens for public on Saturday 3.12.2011 at 11am. Click over to Wild Honey Vintage Pop-Up facebook page for more info. And shoutoutz to Laura & Iida for making this happen!

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  1. KIITOS! Pakko päästä katsomaan mitä tuolta löytyy!

    x H