Wednesday 31 August 2011


Sex, drugs & alcohol might've turned into a healthy lifestyle. And VX2000s might've turned into 5DMKIIs.
But good vibes are timeless.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

O Children

O Children is a British Darkwave band - first ran into their music some time in 2009 via this great Golden Filter remix of their first single 'Dead Disco Dancer'. I think they didn't have any other songs out back then so I slowly forgot about the band only to discover last week that they released an album in 06/2010. I know I'm over a year late w/ this one, but why would that matter.

Haven't been this stoked about too many songs in the.. ..past 1,5 weeks. *BEST (1 YEAR OLD) NEW MUSIC!*

FUN FACT: Tobi O'Kandi (the lead singer of O Children) used to play in a new rave band titled 'Bono Must Die'.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

RDS/FSU 2002/2012

I spent a lot of time skateboarding and watching #sk8videos as a kid - and when looking back at it now it was definitely time well spent. One of the most memorable videos from back in the days was RDS/FSU (2002). There's some great skateboarding in it, but the funny extra footage (including Steve Caballero & Tony Hawk getting wasted) & the crazy soundtrack were the things that made it more fun to watch with some friends than the average 411VM. And don't get me wrong, I a watched all the classics too & even had 'Blind - Video Days' on a bootleg VHS.
Having actually looked through eBay for any decent RDS merch many times between 2005-2010 with poor results I was truly overwhelmed to find out that they now have an online store that ships overseas. Didn't take me long to cop the RDS x Starter cap & iPhone 4 cover. On the second image there's a small collage of some other nice gear from RDSSKATESUPPLY.COM.

I can recommend checking out the full inventory of the RDS store. Prices are cheap too with the current CA<->EUR exchange rate!

If you've never heard of RDS/FSU 2002 - here's the full version (WITH #SK8VIDEOS BUMPERS !!!)

And in case you don't have time for the full vid - here's some highlights:

Saturday 20 August 2011

▼▼▼ W|╬|YSUNDAY [FLOW FESTIVAL] ▼▼▼ ////// ♚ POST #100 ♚


Sunday at Flow Festival 2011 was all about two things - Ben Klock x Marcel Dettman & seeing what Kanye's still living up to all of the hype (via p4k 10.0 etc). 

The Berghain techno legends Klock & Dettman didn't disappoint with their trademark sound & visuals.

Kanye's epic show with all the ballet, crying, tragicomic 10-minute autotunes & a smoking ramirent was actually a huge positive surprise. Not many artists can provoke such a strange mix of feelings in one show. 

I've been a huge Kanye & Jay-Z fan in my childhood, but I still didn't have high expectations for their recently released collab album 'Watch the Throne'. After seeing that Kanye still means business as a mainstream entertainer I decided to have a listen through it and I can truly recommend ya'll to do the same (via p4k Best New Music)!

Press play to listen to 'Murder to Excellence' by Jigga & Kanye:

Press play to listen to 'CLR Podcast' by Ben Klock

▼▼▼ to celebrate JASON.FI blog's post #100, here's a set of photos from an iomega zip disc I found on my back   pocket on Monday. Of course I don't have anything to do with these pics and don't know who took them. ▼▼▼ 


runnin' out of resolution w/ Jan, Tuukka13, JENKEMSNIFFA & Blavatsky

Epic MC Taakibörsta Reunion, Janelle Monáe & Pantha Du Prince were Saturday's musical highlights for me at the Flow Festival 2011. Finding out that Ravintola Tori's festival booth had Club-Mate in stock might also count as a highlight - word on the street is that most local fountains of this precious drink have recently ran dry possibly due to temporary problems with customs.. (?!?!).



Monday 15 August 2011


Outfit for Flow Festival Friday featuring a diy denim vest, Yelawolf shirt & The WAVVES tote bag bought from their show in Manchester.

Music-wise Friday wasn't the highlight of the weekend for me. Great sets from Warpaint, HALA & Joy Orbison still.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Berlin Calling

As some of ya'll might know I visited Berlin on the tradeshow&fashion week 4 weeks ago. Berlin is famous for it's electronic music scene and it really was interesting to go to some truly legendary nightclubs w/ JENKEM_SNIFFA, Tuukka13, MikmoTooLicky, DinWeasel & many others. Sorry for the lack of pics - photography was strictly forbidden in most clubs and we decided to respect that.

Many venues were built inside old residencies. One of these I can especially recommend is called (Salon - Fur Die Wilden) Renate. In terms of iPhone apps Shazam was way more relevant than Camera+ over there so don't have any images from Renate (the one above is from Bright Tradeshow afterparty at KTV).

Also got to see one of the original Libertines - Gary Powell - play a DJ-set at White Trash Fast Food. Gary's electro-set was quite weird and as WTFF was one of the worst clubs/bars we went to. When you bump into a Finnish tourist in a Mokoma shirt & sandalsXsocks it's probably time to go somewhere else pretty quick (no pics of that sry :D).

In Berlin Club-Mate is a very popular healthy & organic alternative to energy drinks. It contains plenty of good antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.

All Berghain images except for the last one belong to their respective owners. I suppose nobody's allowed to take photos in there anyway lol..
Not surprisingly the highlight of Berlin nightlife was Berghain & Panorama Bar, the world capital of techno located in between Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg. Berghain is famous for not letting in 70% of the people on the cue. I got in no hassle on two consecutive nights, but they really did deny entry for most people on the queue. It's really all about how you dress & behave (speaking a bit of german won't hurt either).

Berlin Calling is a tragicomedy about the bright and dark sides of electronic music culture. German techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner plays the headline role in the movie and also created a solid soundtrack for it. Drugs are strongly involved on the storyline, but well - I've never even tried any and I could still enjoy this movie so I think this one can be recommended to anyone interested in electronic music. Shoutouts to the one & only JIMMY HOFFA for originally telling me to listening to the soundtrack of this movie.

Paul Kalkbrenner also created an Essential Mix for BBC Radio1 just few weeks ago. Click here to listen & download (via CoreNews).

BTWxFYI I'm probably heading back to Berlin w/ Tuukka13 pretty soon so there might be a strong sequel to this post. peace.

Friday 5 August 2011

Fresh from Nike SB

Vuarnet // Nike SB // Nike SB // Nike 309413-101

Copped some new gear from the Nike Trend sample sale! I really like the simplicity and small details on many recent Nike SB products.

Hidden zippered pockets are really useful when you want to go out skateboarding and take only your home key & some money with u.

Got a new skate backpack & cap too. At first I was a bit skeptical about the colors of the bag, but actually they work really well with a plain outfit. 

Shoutouts to Disco-Olli for the last photo!

For some more fresh Nike SB (& CTRL) check out this video from Gracias:

Mad props to Grade for the great new EP! You listen to the it & buy the MP3s on BandCamp.

ShoeZeum x 309431-101

Earlier this week I ran into an amazing video about Shoezeum - which is basically a million dollar shoe collection that has been transformed into a museum. Even if you weren't that much into sneakers this clip is definitely worth checking out:

Jordy Geller has built & funded his epic collection of rare Nike sneakers through buying and selling on eBay. At one point you could even buy a guided tour to Shoezeum via eBay.

The first time I used my own money on sneakers was around 2004-2005 when I bought these Nike Dunk Lows [309431-101]. I still have them and inspired by ShoeZeum I decided to wear them at work last Thursday.

I also managed to find a perfectly deadstock pair of the same shoe from I don't have any specific plans on when to wear these - all I know is that it has to be a really special occasion.