Friday 29 July 2011


YO readers! Ya'll might've heard of Unicorn Kid's music before. Probably from me. However the young UK style icon is about to release new material and at least based on the preview it's gonna be way beyond "worth checking out".

Almost everyone should also ☯☯FOLLOW☯☯ UNICORNKIDMUSIC.COM. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@iamjenkemsniffa has been browsing tumblr all week so as a #coolbonus here's a few highlights from the stuff he's pasted to me via facebook chat:

Sony the 3D Dolphin & Flying Porsche are wishing everyone a nice postmodern weekend!

ps. it would be only reasonable to book @unicornkid to play live in Helsinki, the live sets go beyond epic like Sony the Dolphin goes beyond traditional display technology.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

BUSY P 2011 TOUR - Flyer Design Contest

Noticed an interesting post on BUSY P facebook page today:
"My friends, I need YOU! 
SO ME is on strike! (actually not really, he is busy shooting Justice new clip "audio video disco"...)
I need a Summer Tour flyer with the dates I posted yesterday. 
Can anyone help ?"
It's no surprise that within hours there was plenty of graphic designers to help the original Cool Cat with this one and the simple post turned into a rather spontaneous design contest. 

Above you can find my minimalist submission (with every element licensed & ready to print as usual) and below you can see a collection of some really cool submissions by others (naturally the work belongs to it's respective owners etc.):

It'll be interesting to see which one (if any of the submissions) will eventually become the official tour flyer. Did mine while listening to some Ed Banger tunes including this cool set:
HOUSE PARTY 2: THE PYJAMA JAM by edbangerrecords

Monday 25 July 2011

QUICK TIP: Aula Jazz-Brunch [TURKU]

If you happen to be / end up in Turku on a Saturday, check out the Jazz Brunch aka JAZZ BRUNSSI at Cafe Aula. For Sunday I can only recommend a hotel breakfast at 07:00 sharp, but that's a different story.. :D

Sunday 24 July 2011

Heineken Style Nuggets [TURKU]

Visited the European Capital of Culture 2011 (!!!) to enjoy Turku Modern MMXI. Kim Ann Foxman played a really nice dj-set, TIGA wore his trademark baseball cap & afterparties at the bridge were epic as usual. Still the biggest highlight for me was at Heineken Style Nuggets on Saturday.

DWTF? & Heineken had managed to book Johan Agebjörn (the mastermind behind the success of Sally Shapiro & countless others pieces of the finest electronic music) to play an extra long set with Finnish disco cult legend Disco Urse

The relatively expensive drinks and distant location kept Style Nuggets from being totally packed, but the music was perfect & the atmosphere was really nice on the daytime as well as in the evening.

THE TERM “EURO” When talking about music the term “Euro” is one that evokes strong reactions to music lovers. needless to say some people think of “la bouche”, and the desire to dwell any further on the subject ends there. they often forget that donna summer’s “i feel love” or kraftwerk’s early excursions were the beginnings of that Euro sound. They ignore that Italo disco, Italy’s dancefloor oriented version of new wave and arguably the most vibrant genre of the “Euro” sound, was being played by the most important disc jockeys in the United States from Frankie Knuckles to Larry Levan. Even in the 90’s “Euro-house” and European acid house tracks from labels like ZYX and R & S, were being dropped by the likes of Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Today, modern American commercial producers are incorporating elements of it with each new single we hear every week. Cue the Lady Gaga record. (Andy Butler, Permanent Vacation 2009)

Frequent readers should already be aware of the greatness of modern italo/euro, in case you've missed the previous posts here's some more directly from Johan Agebjörn SoundCloud [this time in the form of some energetic remixes].

Fred Ventura vs. Sally Shapiro - Alice (Energy Mix) by Johan Agebjörn

Johan Agebjörn & Ercola feat. Queen Of Hearts - The Last Day Of Summer (Le Prix Remix) by Johan Agebjörn

In addition to quality beer & music, Heineken Style Nuggets pop-up store by My o My featured well selected fashion from CdG wallets to really nice Neil Barrett t-shirts.

Thanks to Heineken, DWTF & Johan himself for this great event!

Friday 22 July 2011


This weekend will be a good one for wearing some epic sunglasses. Vintage Vuarnet on the left & Official Sonar 2011 Sunglasses by Etnia Barcelona on the right! Vuarnet is a traditional French eyewear-brand that has built it's heritage around downhill skiing. Etnia Barcelona is a newer addition to the world of sunglasses - the brand was also one of the official sponsors of Sonar Festival 2011 and made the most of it.

There's only 1600 units of these made - I'm happy to have one of them. Not to mention that I actually got mine for free after participating in a competition on Etnia Barcelona's facebook page. On that page you can also find some more images of these limited edition frames.

Thursday 21 July 2011


Thanks to everyone who made it to the first edition of YK|UK - Club YK was proper packed and the atmosphere was mint. I can tell you there's some interesting plans already for the upcoming YK|UK events.

Did the live visuals for the event too - haven't really mastered that yet but it's definitely something I want to learn more about. Above is some stills, which ofc ended up being far from still! :-D

Sorry for the lack of decent photos this time. If you have any, feel free to send them on this blog's e-mail - u might be rewarded!

Friday 15 July 2011


IT'S FRIDAY! And tonight is the opening night for YK|UK at Club YK. It's a project I've recently been working on with some mates on my rather limited spare time. During 2k11 I've been doing so much commercial art direction & copywriting that it's been really refreshing to do AD+Copy for something like this.

And this is really something I'd surely attend even if I wasn't directly involved as I really love the British electronic music scene and have always had great time when I've been there.

The club's resident DJ Niko Lehtonen created this cool promomix for this party:
YK UK Promomix by PlurisH

Hopefully we'll be able to bring some quality UK artists to Finland in the future! However, here's some of my favorite UK tracks right now:

Fresh Pair of J's !

took these Jordan VI's out of their box yesterday! DOYOUKNOWDOYOUKNOWDOYOUKNOW?

Thursday 14 July 2011


Add caption
If you're looking for some vintage gems to add to your wardrobe Berlin is a good place to go. There's lots of good vintage stores scattered around the city + Mauerpark (the city's biggest outdoor flea market & outdoor festival) is open every Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

Mauerpark entrance

Shopping-wise the edition of Mauerpark I visited didn't really live up to the hype - too many people selling new stuff and/or all sorts of misc crap.

The Festival part was better though! Lots of people enjoying summer on the outside of the fleamarket.
Some outdoor thetre stuff going on too.
Nintendo Gameboy in working condition for 15€ - didn't buy it though.
Lots of relevant vintage electronics from ghettoblasters to film cameras.
Balearic cycling shirts!

Found a vintage Zero shirt
And some 501s (too small :/)
Colors is a famous second hand store in Kreuzberg. Clothes are arranged by type & color and most of the stuff is available for 15€/kg - most of the good stuff is priced separately though.

Colors had sorted a separate selection of RAD hawaii shirts!
Picked up a few of these - first one from Cherokee Waikiki Wear
Second from Pineapple Express - I really like the color & details on this one
a closer look
I also visited Paul's Boutique in Oderbergerstrasse. This street had many other vintage stores but Paul's Boutique stood out with an extensive collection of vintage streetwear & sneakers. Didn't find anything even near worth buying this time, but being an old sneakerhead the interior was worth seeing.

Vintage retail presentation
wasted berlin youth
I heard all this is stuff the owner wanted as a kid & only managed to buy later
Tons of used sneakers
Jordan III's - probably not og though
Air Jordan I's - these actually might be og
 Bang Bang Berlin's vintage shopping guide is worth checking out for more Berlin vintage stores.

Friday 8 July 2011


It's all about #BERLIN this week! I didn't know I could make it to the tradeshow/fashion week until on wednesday so I'm happy to have sorted out all the necessary accreditations (not to mention flights & accomodation) this well with such a mad schedule!

Here's some photos from Bread 'n Butter, BRIGHT etc:

BNB massive Super Show for all sorts of clothing brands
Cinelli Vigorelli's seems to be popular here. Seen more of these in one day than ever in #HESA
BRIGHT skatepark
Chris Haslam w/ epic beard

After a few minutes of chillin it's time to go see the legendary GARY POWELL (The Libertines) at White Trash Fast Food Berlin.