Wednesday 27 July 2011

BUSY P 2011 TOUR - Flyer Design Contest

Noticed an interesting post on BUSY P facebook page today:
"My friends, I need YOU! 
SO ME is on strike! (actually not really, he is busy shooting Justice new clip "audio video disco"...)
I need a Summer Tour flyer with the dates I posted yesterday. 
Can anyone help ?"
It's no surprise that within hours there was plenty of graphic designers to help the original Cool Cat with this one and the simple post turned into a rather spontaneous design contest. 

Above you can find my minimalist submission (with every element licensed & ready to print as usual) and below you can see a collection of some really cool submissions by others (naturally the work belongs to it's respective owners etc.):

It'll be interesting to see which one (if any of the submissions) will eventually become the official tour flyer. Did mine while listening to some Ed Banger tunes including this cool set:
HOUSE PARTY 2: THE PYJAMA JAM by edbangerrecords


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