Thursday 14 July 2011


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If you're looking for some vintage gems to add to your wardrobe Berlin is a good place to go. There's lots of good vintage stores scattered around the city + Mauerpark (the city's biggest outdoor flea market & outdoor festival) is open every Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

Mauerpark entrance

Shopping-wise the edition of Mauerpark I visited didn't really live up to the hype - too many people selling new stuff and/or all sorts of misc crap.

The Festival part was better though! Lots of people enjoying summer on the outside of the fleamarket.
Some outdoor thetre stuff going on too.
Nintendo Gameboy in working condition for 15€ - didn't buy it though.
Lots of relevant vintage electronics from ghettoblasters to film cameras.
Balearic cycling shirts!

Found a vintage Zero shirt
And some 501s (too small :/)
Colors is a famous second hand store in Kreuzberg. Clothes are arranged by type & color and most of the stuff is available for 15€/kg - most of the good stuff is priced separately though.

Colors had sorted a separate selection of RAD hawaii shirts!
Picked up a few of these - first one from Cherokee Waikiki Wear
Second from Pineapple Express - I really like the color & details on this one
a closer look
I also visited Paul's Boutique in Oderbergerstrasse. This street had many other vintage stores but Paul's Boutique stood out with an extensive collection of vintage streetwear & sneakers. Didn't find anything even near worth buying this time, but being an old sneakerhead the interior was worth seeing.

Vintage retail presentation
wasted berlin youth
I heard all this is stuff the owner wanted as a kid & only managed to buy later
Tons of used sneakers
Jordan III's - probably not og though
Air Jordan I's - these actually might be og
 Bang Bang Berlin's vintage shopping guide is worth checking out for more Berlin vintage stores.