Monday 23 April 2012


Grey Market Supply skateshop in Helsinki is long gone, but it's name lives on through Grey Market clothing label that just released it's latest S/S 2012 Janitorpack collection. The brand has kept it's grown up approach to streetwear with really good looking classic cuts & materials also for this summer. The latest lookbook concept draws inspiration from a rather unexpected source though - state owned public buildings and people who take (or at least took) care of them every day.

Check out rest of the photos at Grey Market facebook page. At the moment the easiest way to grab the product is to go to Cali Helsinki - they have some in stock already.

Saturday 21 April 2012


The word Guti reminds me of two inspiring people. Both of which speak a universal language, one that of football and one that of music. This post is more about the former jazz-pianist / South American rockstar and current international house producer Guti from Loco Dice's label Desolat.

If you have a few hours that need a really deep & soulful soundtrack I'd say that Guti's recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is my n.1 recommendation:

That's all now I'm off to Milla's birthday party after more or less of a 60 hour workweek. laterz...

Tuesday 17 April 2012


Small independent fast food restaurants serving a carefully created menu of fast food made from fresh ingredients is not something you see in every street corner in Helsinki. Especially not after midnight. That makes falafel specialists Fafa's an even more of a welcome addition to the northern end of isoroba (Iso Roobertinkatu 2 to be more exact).

I recently tried the halloumi & falafel pita and it was honestly one of the best fast food meals I've ever had in Helsinki. Everything was fresh and tasty, actually so tasty that if I had been really hungry I would've bought another one right away.

All in all this modern fast food restaurant is one that deserves all the recognition it can get. And maybe that will also encourage people to open more fresh fast food places like this in Helsinki in the future.

You can find Fafa's opening hours at and some background info about the restaurant also at it's official Facebook Page.


Everything doesn't always have to be minimal techno, deep house or even #slimepunk (via Tennis Rodman).

Even though the line up wasn't like 90% not my thing I still took a quick look at the Coachella livestream last weekend and spotted a really nice new Santigold song. The last time I really listened to her tracks was back when her name was still Santogold but whatever this song is still the best honest pop song I've heard in ages. #TEAMSANTOGOLD #LanaDelWho???

On the more electronic side of popular music - the first 40 minutes of Annie Mac's latest Friday 13th Show was pure Friday night energy and a really refreshing listen after a short break from the BBCR1 Friday Night stuff. Click here to download the full show via CoreNews.

Saturday 14 April 2012


You have seen 3d-renderings of dolphins, Unicorn Kid youtube videos & trippy nautical clothes & pics on this blog already in last summer. Thousands of similar content pieces scattered all over the internet transformed into a microtrend that American trend visionary / DJ / twitter personality @LILINTERNET later coined as Seapunk.

The sound mixing old school house, trance, chopped rap vocals and britney spears often layered on top of each other originally surfaced on Unicorn Kid's Tidal Rave EP and more specifically the accompanying Coral Reefer Mixtape.

Seapunk was also recently featured by New York Times as a rising trend. And since this is the spring/summer of digital prints in the fashion world I wouldn't be surprised to see more post-modernist nautical sweaters like these masterpieces from the worlds first Seapunk label Coral Records Internazionale:

The shirts above are nothing but photochops so far, however Tamagotchi Funeral has posted real images of something similar.

The biggest reason for me to post about a trend that is not exactly brand new any more is to tell you that I finally had the time to setup a Pinterest account for JASON.FI. This #seapunk board is just one example of all the cool things you can do with Pinterest.

Check out all JASON.FI boards on Pinterest:

Good article about #Seapunk at SUPERSUPER:

☯☯ ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)۶ #SPLASH  ☯☯

Wednesday 11 April 2012


BNEY YEHUDA ON FIRE is a concept video created by Daniel Palillo, Matan Guggenheim & Daniel Kutz in collaboration with Israel Premier League football team Bnei Yehuda for A Year of Fashion Exhibition at Beit Ha'ir Museum Tel Aviv. Of course there has been concepts where football meets arts and design before, but this is one of the most inspiring one's I've seen no doubt. Everything in the video looks like real football, but with a unique twist.


American designer Rick Owens is famous for not only his long hair and dark style, but also for making his brands retail spaces look and feel like the products sold in them. I briefly visited the Rick Owens Flagship Store in Seoul while being in South Korea - here's some photos.

Thursday 5 April 2012


 A$AP Mob for Interview Magazine. Photography: Gregory Harris. Stylist: Sarah Ellison.

Ssur Empire State 'COMME des FUCKDOWN' beanie available online at

Tuesday 3 April 2012

MCM Worldwide

Mode Creation Munich is definitely one of the most interesting luxury brands right now. MCM was founded in 1976 in Germany to craft luxury leather goods for the world's most seasoned travellers and it quickly established itself as the more modern and chic alternative for Gucci and Louis Vuitton. However later on the brand also had it's darker days as it slowly faded away in the mid 1990s and the whole company went into restructuring in 1997. Eventually MCM ended up being away from the global fashion scene for almost a decade.

However in 2005 Korean Sung Joo Kim took over the brand and started rebuilding it to meet the demands of modern luxury consumers. New patterns, designs and full product lines were introduced to accompany the iconic Cognac Visetos and MCM also became famous for bold collaborations with new progressive brands from TI$A and New Era to Japanese grown up streetwear brand Phenomenon.

While I was in Seoul I got the chance to visit the global MCM flagship located in Cheongdam-Dong aka the Art and Fashion Street of Gangnam. The store was full of interesting things and it's no surprise I couldn't leave empty handed.

At the end of the day I purchased the Chain Belt from the latest MCM x Phenomenon collection and also got the inspiring MCM x Assouline book & the latest MCM catalog.

By the way, did you know that all the wooden structures of MCM trunks and suitcases are made out of Finnish 8-layer laminated wood - a truly flexible and shatterproof material structure also familiar from modern skateboard decks. More interesting info about Mode Creation Munich can be found at