Tuesday 26 June 2012

CONTEST: Lee Douglas (DFA / NYC) at Nolla 30/06/2012

New York disco legend Lee Douglas is coming to play at Nolla for the very final night this legendary Helsinki nightspot. He will be accompanied by Blavatsky & Toolicky and I have the honor to create the visuals for this extraordinary event.

To celebrate this I decided to launch a modest competition where anyone can win three free tickets to the party. Here's how to enter:

1) Go to the brand new WWW.JASON.FI Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JASONFI/400956496616963
2) Like the page on Facebook and you are entered for the competition.

At this point everyone is thinking how is that going to work. The list of people who like the page will be withdrawn from the 'New Likes' function of the Facebook Page admin panel. These will be added to a numbered list and three numbers will be drawn by Random.org on 29/06/2012. Then the three people who match these numbers will be contacted and announced on the page and their names (+2) will be added to the list at the door on 30/06/2012. The total of 9 tickets will be drawn.  

Lee Douglas interview at Nolla website.

And don't forget the Nolla closing party 'Ravintola Nolla: The End' on 27/06/2012' already before the final weekend. Huge lineup of Helsinki nightlife legends some of which have been playing way before I've been old enough to get in to a bar.

Thursday 21 June 2012

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Zachodnia Street, Lodz.

I visited the third biggest city of Poland a while ago and at least to me it looked like an inspiring mix of old and new. A really big American style mall surrounded by abandoned houses and unfinished construction. Or in this case one of the finest museums & hotels of the city right next to a street filled with abandoned and painted on buildings.

Monday 18 June 2012


Homies at Heavyweight just released a new big room house anthem for the Summer 2012 and the new track was also accompanied with a rather unusual video. I've been following what these guys produce for years and by any standards I think this latest release wouldn't stick out as the opener of next Friday's a Annie Mac show.

The younger generation of Finnish producers also added their twist to the track - this time in the form of a remix featuring the nu-disco prodigy Lenno. Nice addition to a playlist full of energy for a run or bike ride in sunny Helsinki.

Tuesday 12 June 2012


Lola's Wasted German Beer Super Späti is the latest installation from Paul Snowden, who is one of the true masters of modern cultural branding and also the owner/creator of the infamous WASTED GERMAN YOUTH brand.

Before Lola's Super Späti Wasted German Youth has had several installations in Berlin ranging from pop-up showrooms to an actual Wasted German Youth flagship store. This time WGY sub-brand Wasted German Beer takes ownership of the retail channel it's usually sold through; the word Späti comes from German word Spätkauf which means a small shop with long opening hours, focusing on selling drinks, small snacks etc.

Being mainly a marketing tool, Lola's Super Späti doesn't really have such long opening hours or wide range of products. However I once managed to stop by to buy a few Club-Mate's and to pick up some stickers. For someone looking for a really good spätkauf I'd suggest some other locations in Kreuzberg - however everyone interested in cultural branding and energy marketing should try to visit this one. It's located in Reichenberger Strasse right next to Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn station, Berlin.

As a tribute to Paul Snowden's "smashing clients - cracking design" attitude I also compiled a quick pop-up pinboard about Wasted German Youth. Check it out here via jasondotfi Pinterest.

Wednesday 6 June 2012


Did I just visit the world's best kebab restaurant? Hasir is often referred to as the number one kebab place in the ethnic Kreuzberg district of Berlin, which at least places it into the world elite of restaurants serving Doner Kebab.

I tried the popular Iskender kebab and it was really a memorable experience with freshly made sauce and turkish yoghurt dressing. That meal actually made me believe in kebab again after staying away from it for a while and I heard the kebab & rice dish pictured above was nice too.

Hasir Kreuzberg also has it's trademark grill for the turkish meat dishes that require more cooking. Considering the quality of the food eating at Hasir's is a bargain: the doner kebab -based meals cost between 7-15€ and for really travellers on a budget there's also a 3,50€ Durum Doner available outside the menu.

Hasir originally opened in 1971 in Kreuzberg and the company now has six restaurants all located in the Doner Capital. You can find the original Hasir right next to Kottbusser Tor on Adalbertstrasse 10-12. More info is available on their website.

Monday 4 June 2012

WDYWT Berlin Day #3

Weekday shirt / Nike Golf shorts / Vintage Paisley shirt / Doc Martens

We spent the third day at Salon Zur Wilden Renate's Wildes Ferienlager outdoor festival. Really high quality music in Renate's trademark atmosphere.

Above is a clip from Danish band WhoMadeWho's show. Most of the music wasn't danish indie rock even though I also ran into the guys from another Danish band Dune who had just come to the festival to have a good time.

As a cool bonus here's a perfect example of the mellow Renate sound also recorded live at Wildes Ferienlager:

Saturday 2 June 2012

WDYWT Berlin Day #2

Civilist T-Shirt / Brownbreath backpack / MCM x Phenomenon Belt / Cheap Monday / Doc Martens + sunglasses from Civilist, face decorations from FakeTattoos.se & Babaloom Clothing crewneck.

Original photos by Tuukka13 & edits again by yours truly.