Tuesday, 26 June 2012

CONTEST: Lee Douglas (DFA / NYC) at Nolla 30/06/2012

New York disco legend Lee Douglas is coming to play at Nolla for the very final night this legendary Helsinki nightspot. He will be accompanied by Blavatsky & Toolicky and I have the honor to create the visuals for this extraordinary event.

To celebrate this I decided to launch a modest competition where anyone can win three free tickets to the party. Here's how to enter:

1) Go to the brand new WWW.JASON.FI Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JASONFI/400956496616963
2) Like the page on Facebook and you are entered for the competition.

At this point everyone is thinking how is that going to work. The list of people who like the page will be withdrawn from the 'New Likes' function of the Facebook Page admin panel. These will be added to a numbered list and three numbers will be drawn by Random.org on 29/06/2012. Then the three people who match these numbers will be contacted and announced on the page and their names (+2) will be added to the list at the door on 30/06/2012. The total of 9 tickets will be drawn.  

Lee Douglas interview at Nolla website.

And don't forget the Nolla closing party 'Ravintola Nolla: The End' on 27/06/2012' already before the final weekend. Huge lineup of Helsinki nightlife legends some of which have been playing way before I've been old enough to get in to a bar.


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