Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Lola's Wasted German Beer Super Späti is the latest installation from Paul Snowden, who is one of the true masters of modern cultural branding and also the owner/creator of the infamous WASTED GERMAN YOUTH brand.

Before Lola's Super Späti Wasted German Youth has had several installations in Berlin ranging from pop-up showrooms to an actual Wasted German Youth flagship store. This time WGY sub-brand Wasted German Beer takes ownership of the retail channel it's usually sold through; the word Späti comes from German word Spätkauf which means a small shop with long opening hours, focusing on selling drinks, small snacks etc.

Being mainly a marketing tool, Lola's Super Späti doesn't really have such long opening hours or wide range of products. However I once managed to stop by to buy a few Club-Mate's and to pick up some stickers. For someone looking for a really good spätkauf I'd suggest some other locations in Kreuzberg - however everyone interested in cultural branding and energy marketing should try to visit this one. It's located in Reichenberger Strasse right next to Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn station, Berlin.

As a tribute to Paul Snowden's "smashing clients - cracking design" attitude I also compiled a quick pop-up pinboard about Wasted German Youth. Check it out here via jasondotfi Pinterest.