Sunday 27 November 2011


The History of Finnish Rave Culture Part 4 (Scroll to the bottom of the post for parts 1,2 & 3)

Basso Media is releasing an inspiring 5-part documentary about Finnish Rave Culture. Being a relatively young appreciator of electronic music it's inspiring to see footage and hear stories of legendary places and events all the way from late 1980s.

Inspired by this went through my own archives and found some epic photos taken at Misf*ts Rave at Suvilahti in Summer 2009.

select scenes from suvilahti
Young Leo Lotsaless in the place to be.
@IAMjenkemsniffa still going strong. Check out his solid&new deep house mix:
Me, my GF♥ & Anttoni catching the morning sun
I decided to feature this event not only because it was probably the first time I stayed up until 7am, but also because Redrum was the first proper electronic music club I went to when I was younger - and back then Misf*ts at Redrum on Thursdays was the place to go. 

Co-owner and Resident DJ of Misf*ts Erkko Lehtinen was also the head editor of the Finnish Rave Culture documentary. You can check out parts 1-3 at Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. The final part of the documentary premieres Sat. 3.12.2011 noon or l8r at

// And for all the international readers: the documentary series is completely in Finnish and with no subtitles. However it's still worth watching for anyone interested in the past and present of Finnish nightlife.

Friday 25 November 2011


CoolCats are the main forces behind the French Ed Banger record label. At they don't only host their own blogs, but also have an online store which has evolved into a well established brand that focuses on injecting a bit of SO-ME's endless creativity into modern classics like Wildemasche football scarves or Lacoste polos. On the left is some of my favorites from their latest releases.

Wednesday 23 November 2011


Started the snowboarding season at Pyhä (mainly Huttuhippu). Weather & lighting conditions were challenging as you can see from the photo discovered inside @HenriSipilä's steadycam.

Slightly more seriously - here's some of my snow gear for this winter. Nike 6.0 / 2x Nike Pro Tights + Cheap Monday / Nike Vapen.

Here's some other pics originally taken by @henrisipila - there's 1 million more but not gonna post anything where you can recognize anyone. :D

Tuesday 15 November 2011

the XO in OVOXO

..imagine the possibilities..
The Weeknd's House of Balloons & Thursday have been on heavy rotation in my iPhone this year. Gotta respect Abel Tesfaye's musical ability and I can only wonder when/how/if he's going to cash out on this. Meanwhile I decided to show some support by buying snapback from XO_Gear on Twitter. Right now that's one of the best ways to show support for the XO in OVOXO.

After 8 months and hundreds of plays Loft Music still sounds fresh. Even as a mediocre dubstep remix.

Closer look at the hat. If you wanna buy one go to - and if shipping to your country is not yet available hit @TheWeeknd_FANS on twitter they'll sort it out in no time.
The Weeknd is on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Soundcloud.

..echoes of silence..

Saturday 12 November 2011

Nike Running x Undercover GYAKUSOU LunarSpider LT+2

Nike Running x Undercover GYAKUSOU LunarSpider LT+2 & Happy Socks
Jun Takahashi is not only a cult icon and one of the biggest names in Japanese fashion, he is also an active runner. Nike Running and Takahashi's Undercover brand have been collaborating on several GYAKUSOU running collections that present a completely new idea of what running equipment should look and feel like.

View the full collection at
Because the style & sizing of these collections is distinctively Japanese (aka too small for me even in XL) I have to focus on the footwear which also available in limited amount of locations in sizes up to US12. I found these Nike Lunarspider LT+2's from NikeTown Berlin - haven't been this excited about running shoes for a long time. They don't only look good, but I think that performance-wise the LunarSpider series could finally be a perfect replacement for the Katana series Nike cut down already in 2009. 

Wednesday 9 November 2011

In New DJs We Trust: BERLIN

I visited Berlin for a quick weekend holiday full of electronic music. The greatest thing about Berlin is that you always discover new great places and artists. On this post I gathered three completely different great DJs that really exceeded expectations this time.

Sonja Moonear
We arrived at Renate at around 9am on a Sunday morning and saw this woman with really long hair in the DJ booth playing some lovely records. Her positive attitude touched the crowd too and the minimal/tech house/techno set between 9-12am was one of the best I've ever heard. If you don't have time for the full promo mix embedded below - just click here & listen to see what's up.
sonja moonear by moonear

Emil Doesn't Drive
Our local homie Mr. Marino recommended his set at Loftus Hall and it indeed was worth hearing. Superb cosmic italo sounds - 100% MΔNWIN! Couldn't find a recent promo mix that would really highlight why his set was probably even better than what I've heard from e.g. Aeroplane & The Magician recently. However here's one good track that he played:
N.O.I.A. "The Rule To Survive" by N.O.I.A.

Louis Chapus (Kokolores Berlin)
It describes the high level of electronic music culture in Berlin that one of the musical highlights of the weekend for me was actually a set in a semi-private birthday party in a really small bar in Neukölln by a relatively unknown German dude. It was like listening to DJ Hell at his best. Not 1 or 2 good tracks, but like 10 really good tracks in a row! Check out his promomix:
Seeds sold separately by louis chapus

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Berlin Streetfood: BURGERMEISTER

Berlin is known for having an almost endless amount of good places for grabbing a quick meal at a reasonable price. Burgermeister is a great example of that. Located under a metro-tunnel in the heart of Kreuzberg (U1 Schlesisches Tor) this extraordinary burger kiosk provides 100% hand made hamburgers and also a tofu-burger for vegans

MASTA BURGER & Diet Coke at Burgermeister
For less rugged atmosphere and at least equally good food: Ackerstraße in Berlin Mitte (near Rosenthaler Platz) is a good street to go to. This time we tried Asman Indisches Restaurant. I've heard that Locanda Pane right next to it is also great.