Wednesday 9 November 2011

In New DJs We Trust: BERLIN

I visited Berlin for a quick weekend holiday full of electronic music. The greatest thing about Berlin is that you always discover new great places and artists. On this post I gathered three completely different great DJs that really exceeded expectations this time.

Sonja Moonear
We arrived at Renate at around 9am on a Sunday morning and saw this woman with really long hair in the DJ booth playing some lovely records. Her positive attitude touched the crowd too and the minimal/tech house/techno set between 9-12am was one of the best I've ever heard. If you don't have time for the full promo mix embedded below - just click here & listen to see what's up.
sonja moonear by moonear

Emil Doesn't Drive
Our local homie Mr. Marino recommended his set at Loftus Hall and it indeed was worth hearing. Superb cosmic italo sounds - 100% MΔNWIN! Couldn't find a recent promo mix that would really highlight why his set was probably even better than what I've heard from e.g. Aeroplane & The Magician recently. However here's one good track that he played:
N.O.I.A. "The Rule To Survive" by N.O.I.A.

Louis Chapus (Kokolores Berlin)
It describes the high level of electronic music culture in Berlin that one of the musical highlights of the weekend for me was actually a set in a semi-private birthday party in a really small bar in Neukölln by a relatively unknown German dude. It was like listening to DJ Hell at his best. Not 1 or 2 good tracks, but like 10 really good tracks in a row! Check out his promomix:
Seeds sold separately by louis chapus

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