Friday 29 April 2011


Took some photos of the Nike 6.0 PR-event in the new Nike SB/NSW/6.0 showroom yesterday. That is one rad collection of decks on the wall (to avoid any rather theoretical misunderstandings none of those unfortunately belong to me). Shorty's Chad Muska "Rising Sun" & "Chad Muska" could always be added to that wall tho. Or to my wall if I ever find them on eBay. :-D

If you want to visit the showroom and leave with some premium NSW goods, check out the NIKE TREND Sample Sale 05/05/11 - 06/05/11.

It's really been a super productive day/evening so time to chill now. Here's a perfect soundtrack to start the weekend: Aeroplane March 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)


Some of you might still be undecided on what to do on the May Day evening. I know I'll aim to end up in SLAP! Grand Opening party at Club YK.

SLAP! Mixtape vol.1 by SlapHki

I can recommend listening to this promo mix packed with fresh moombahton and other positively surprising elements. I've been diggin' this one since hearing the early pre-release version and the final edit is even better. 

My favorite tracks from this one are 'Rye Rye ft MIA - Sunshine (Lotsaless bootleg)', 'Kapslawk - Bobi' and especially 'Gracias x Lunice - Out of HKI (Lotsaless & Nada edit)'. So if you have only 3 minutes to spend, fast forward to 00:20:45 for 3 minutes of pure dopeness.

The last track is also from Grade aka Gracias. Dazed by the retrofuturistic production I didn't even notice that at the first listen, it easily could've been something from overseas. The overall atmosphere and production on that track remind me of Think Differently: Wu-Tang meets Indie Culture album that was on heavy rotation back in 2005 (and is still a good listen).

A middle aged woman in a navy blue jacket suit and Ray-Ban Wayfarers inspired me not to wear wayfarers today.

In the series of new releases this week, here's something beyond epic:

Not a new release - Wu-Tang meets Indie Culture (2005):

Wednesday 27 April 2011



We've seen the first half half of one of the biggest games in the global football season and I still have my faith and some money in FC Barcelona. The only possible choice for a anti-madridista on these classic encounters. Barca has always been my favorite La Liga side anyway.

People have been talking a lot about the coaches of the two teams. I've never liked Mourinho's style of play so much, but I've learned to respect one of the real elite coaches in the global game and I really prefer his "I'll go too if C.Ronaldo is sold" approach over Guardiola's "no player is bigger than the club (or bigger than the manager?)" way of thinking.

Recent games have shown that the current Barcelona team just might lack that one player who has the winning mentality to score the most important goals. Pedro has scored in important games before, but I still don't think that he's that player.

At his best Ronaldinho was the perfect example of a player who could rise above even the greatest tactical move. A true legend in creative football.

Sunday 24 April 2011


Started the skateboarding season & took the camera out for the first time this spring. 

//////////////////////////////////Not to be taken seriously//////////////////////////////////////

//////////////////////////////////Not to be taken seriously//////////////////////////////////////

But this track is.

Wednesday 20 April 2011


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is probably my all time favorite footballer. His self-confidence, creativity and especially the winning mentality are really unmatched even in the high standards of modern professional football. That's why I've had this signed shirt on my wall for the past 3 years.

I got kinda addicted on this new ZlatanZuperfly online game for a moment today. Usually I don't spend time playing online games, but this one is really interesting and it actually captures the atmosphere of hectic situations in the football field really well. As I've done some research on both Social Media marketing and gamification of marketing it was especially interesting to see how well the final version of the game is linked with Facebook and how the game mechanic is linked with the featured product.

Got the 4th place on the global leaderboard at least for a moment (and I didn't have any insider tips on this one!). :D Some Swedish kids have probably beaten these scores by now though.

I know there's plenty of newer compilations out there, but these are the classics. :-)

Tuesday 19 April 2011


Nike Dunk Low // Starks Laces

Bought a pair of crappy Alifes for $100 some years ago just to get these Starks laces from the same ebay-auction. Then sold the shoes for less than $50. Profit?

Now it's time to go back to the football field. !viva futbol!

Monday 18 April 2011

Your Daily Dose of Chipstep

Ran into a great chiptune/dupstep remix of the Legend of Zelda Lost Woods theme and reconstructed some random images from the weekend to post along with it. People who created the soundtracks for Nintendo's own NES/SNES games are proper legends at composing music.

These Ephixa vs Zelda tracks below as well as the images above aren't genuinely 8bit/16bit since there's modern elements and technology involved.

Ephixa - Zelda OST: Lost Woods Dubstep Remix

Ephixa - Zelda OST: Song of Storms Dubstep Remix

This second Ephixa remix works even better. Looking forward to blasting these from some proper soundsystem.

Haven't seen too many good artists focusing on mixing dubstep and chiptune elements. Unicorn Kid is one of the best. Saw him play live in Manchester last spring (way before he was signed to Ministry of Sound) and also exchanged a few words with him about music.

Friday 15 April 2011


Finished the biggest study project I had for this spring on Thursday evening so there's time for blogs again! :-)

Here's some photos from sunny St.Petersburg. As a country Russia was mostly a positive surprise - the overall atmosphere was sophisticated and most of the people I talked with were really nice and positive. Of course there's also the chance of ending up in sketchy situations involving sketchy people, but that's how it is in any big city.

Monday 11 April 2011


Scored an academic hat-trick by spending three consecutive evenings from friday to sunday at the uni. Spent the rest of my time sleeping and training so I should feel very energetic in the beginning of the new week - the truth is quite opposite for some strange reason.

Friday 8 April 2011


In Central Helsinki not so many bars have been open with the same name & concept for 8 years. Or even for 5 years which is approximately how long I've been legally eligible to go out anywhere for a few drinks. Congrats to WGB, nice bday party w/ good music from ATHL Squad DJs.


Ran into this yesterday - I know it's kinda old, but hey I don't follow the rap game so intensively any more. Back in the days I've seen The Game drink a full bottle of Hennessy (via apple juice in a Henny bottle) at Nosturi & Weezy puff-puff-pass-out (almost) on stage at Tivoli after being like 3 hours late for his own show. Both r ledge in what they do anyway.

I think this was taken in 2006 via a scanner. Weezy's Hustler Musik was the song back then.

Wednesday 6 April 2011


Finland's biggest music&culture festival Flow Festival released the first part of their line-up and I'm already psyched about the event.

Here's some of my favorites from the part of the line-up released today:

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Great lo-fi pop music.

Especially the track embedded above is always inspiring. Could see this Rough Trade Records artist playing one of the last sets on Sunday.

Pantha Du Prince
Interesting minimal sound - played an awesome set at Club YK last year taking his sound to the next level on the live set. 

Easy-to-approach house music = great party! Hope he doesn't cancel this time.

French Films
I've seen these guys play also in different previous line-ups quite a few times and known some of them for years - absolutely awesome to see French Films at the Flow Festival line-up. I think this band could become one of the most recognized Finnish indie bands ever. As a funny anecdote, the bassist paid me a mint for a British Coldstream Guards tunic back in 2009 just because he wanted to have it. (Not that I had originally gotten it for any cheaper..)

Didn't take any photos last year, but here's some from Flow Festival flickr:
M.I.A. was better in Warehouse Project Manchester, but Flow wasn't bad either.
 Tensnake = Aeroplane2k10?

Is Diplo really a racist? [epic video link]

Just wondering why they booked Kanye (even after 10.0@P4K), when Childish Gambino would've probably been available for 0,1x price & 100x swag. And the tickets are going to be sold out anyway..

If the rest of the line-up is as good as what's already been revealed (or even better) Flow will definitely be one of the best things to attend this summer in addition to Sonar and Turku Modern

Friday 1 April 2011


Chillin' at Санкт-Петербург w/ a few mates. It's been great so far!

We took the epic St. Peter Lines cruise ship (value 4 money, ya'll!)

The Pool on deck 2 was a bit too oldschool for me (via avoiding diseases).

Had some time to hit the gym too in my brand new Free 3.0 (design & win #NikeFree shoes here)

Chillin' @TheSaunaLounge, sippin' on some local PBR

Now it's time to check out if the D'n'B capital of Russia can match Manchester in terms of nightlife!

Plenty of more stuff to be posted l8r!