Wednesday 27 April 2011



We've seen the first half half of one of the biggest games in the global football season and I still have my faith and some money in FC Barcelona. The only possible choice for a anti-madridista on these classic encounters. Barca has always been my favorite La Liga side anyway.

People have been talking a lot about the coaches of the two teams. I've never liked Mourinho's style of play so much, but I've learned to respect one of the real elite coaches in the global game and I really prefer his "I'll go too if C.Ronaldo is sold" approach over Guardiola's "no player is bigger than the club (or bigger than the manager?)" way of thinking.

Recent games have shown that the current Barcelona team just might lack that one player who has the winning mentality to score the most important goals. Pedro has scored in important games before, but I still don't think that he's that player.

At his best Ronaldinho was the perfect example of a player who could rise above even the greatest tactical move. A true legend in creative football.

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