Saturday 31 March 2012

Honki Ponki presents: Mad Mats (Local Talk, Stockholm)

Swedish electronic music legend Mad Mats returns to Helsinki this Saturday to DJ at Nolla. Check out the interview at Nolla website & Event on Facebook.

I'm doing the visuals for the event and did some special ones just for this night. Btw if you have no idea who Mad Mats is, start with the Local Talk promo mix below. See ya'll at Nolla.

Friday 30 March 2012


..never take having them around for granted. Helsinki 28.3.2012.

 photo #3 by Skinny-Heidi & the rest by me. sunglasses: stylists own.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Juun J. FW 2012/2013

Juun J. is a Seoul & Paris based designer whose latest Fall/Winter 2012 runway show mixes slim and baggy silhouettes in clean distinctive way. When I first saw the looks I was also really inspired by the dark outfits with lots of details. There's also some digital print sweaters that got lots of attention when the new collection was showcased in the Paris Fashion Week.
On the two collages you can see my favorite looks from the show. All runway photos shot by Olivier Claisse are available here. When I was visiting Samsung Fashion in Seoul last week I was also lucky to briefly meet the man behind the collection - Juun J himself and also hear more about the creative process behind one of the most interesting men's fashion brands right now.

Sunday 25 March 2012


I was lucky to spend the last seven days in Seoul and meet lots of interesting creative people. I'll post more stuff later, but for now here's a few snapshots from jasonfi Instagram + some shoppings:

Motor City Destroyed

Detroit, Michigan is the home of many legendary techno/house artists like Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson as well as Richie Hawtin and Carl Graig. Therefore I had pretty high expectations for a Saturday night in Detroit. However things seemed challenging when there was no signs of any legitimate party/event at 00AM (only 2 hours before most bars/clubs were legally set to close) and ResidentAdvisor plus random detroit techno forums showed no events for the night. However our party crew of two people finally found a place that actually had a DJ just before 2AM and luckily that specific DJ was a cool dude who was happy to show us some real Detroit after hours.

Big thanks to Todd and Michael for showing us some really interesting places. For more footage about Detroit Techno and Motor City check out the ResidentAdvisor Real Scenes: Detroit documentary below:

Streets of Detroit

Motor City has seen better days - here's some photos from the Streets of Detroit. Press play on the video above for the perfect soundtrack for driving down Michigan Avenue in a long Bentley - produced by Detroit's very own Nick Speed.

 At Joe Louis Arena things are looking very good though.

Saturday 17 March 2012

Michigan Central Station

Michigan Central Station in Detroit used to be the tallest train station in the world. This neoclassical building was designed by Warren&Wetmore and Reed&Sterm designed by in the beginning of 1910s and the construction was ready in 1913.

Things were looking good for Michigan Central Station in the beginning, but eventually the amount of passengers went down, mainly due to sketchy business planning and simply the fact that it was a Central Station nowhere near any type of center in a true Motor City spirit. The building has now been abandoned for almost 25 years.

How I ended up seeing this masterpiece of modern decay at the most beautiful time of the day/night is an interesting story about how electronic music unites people worldwide. I'll write more about that later for sure. Peace!

Thursday 15 March 2012

Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh was one of the exotic American cities I got to visit on my tour around the US few weeks ago. Not the most urban place on earth, but the climate seemed really nice considering it was just early spring out there.

Like all over the States sports is really big in Raleigh. The fact that that's just the stadium for the University team pretty much sets the scale. Michael Jordan also played in NC in his college years, playing with a triple-double average on his final year.

And here's a quick Instagram from RBC Center, the home of Carolina Hurricanes. The stadium is in the middle of nowhere, but it gets packed really fast.

iPhone pic of a Five Guys burger at Raleigh-Durham Airport. Can't remember eating a better burger anywhere in Finland and well, this one is from an airport. I've slowly but steadily become more and more addicted to instagram and now that they're launching it for Android there will hopefully be even more friends joining in. If you're out there already follow or comment on ig: jasonfi

Sunday 11 March 2012

DIY: Studded Dress Shirt

The idea of studded details in clothes and footwear has been around for a while (actually I also did one custom shirt like this back in 2009). However all the positive comments I've received regarding this shirt proves that this style still works in many occasions. To create a simple DIY piece like this you only need a plain white shirt (preferably with not too stiff collars) and some spare studs (you can get these e.g. from an old belt, eBay or from Punkt-Shop STHLM.

Friday 9 March 2012


In Helsinki this is indeed a weekend full of electronic music events. One of the kings of today's techno world MARCEL DETTMANN is back in Finland for a show in Kuudes Linja, Adams opens in Erottaja and the friends of lighter and brighter sounds gather at Pacifique. However if you want to skip the biggest queues (& the klubitus youth) go check out FLAT /AT BASSMENT. Great music & great people with one of the best soundsystems in Helsinki.


Adams is the latest addition to the Helsinki club scene. The bar slash club that once used to be a movie theater also doubles as a live venue and it opens today 9.3.2012. I got the chance to be one of the first to check it out at the REVS magazine #2 release party yesterday.

The music concept was a really fresh combination of live conceptual pop/rock and some really German techno & deep house and since it was a fashion party the place was also full of good looking people. Really strong start for Adams, however the soundsystem could've been a lot stronger better. Maybe that can be fixed in the near future.

Gotta respect the people behind REVS, you're doing something great. Shoutouts to yesterday's DJs (EFDEMIN, NIKO LIKAINEN & ANTTI SALONEN) and the VJ (JUHO LÄHDESMÄKI) too. Before the event I actually planned to go home exceptionally early, but the people, music and visuals forced me to stay.!

Thursday 8 March 2012

Mix of the Week: Jozif for i-D Magazine 01/2012

Jozif is a new UK techno/house dj & producer with a mainland Europe sound. A promo mix he did for i-D Magazine is easily one of the best I've heard this month or maybe even this year.

Inspired by this I bought a subscription of i-D. I've been buying it occasionally, but I think 6 issues delivered to your home for 33£ is not a bad deal compared to the price in Finland. You can subscribe at i-D Online.

And then inspired by my own love-hate relationship with the United Kingdom in general I also bought the latest issue of SuperSuper. Check out their or twitters of the mag & it's young web editor @AlexKazemi for some more contemporary new generation goodness.

Friday 2 March 2012


The #1 running meets fashion product line - Nike x Undercover GYAKUSOU collection has finally arrived to Finland. I just heard that the shipment has landed to The Men by My o My and the very limited quantities are available starting 03/03/2012 10am.

My favorite thing in these Nike x Undercover collections has always been how Jun Takahashi has used different colors in a calm and organic way rarely seen in running equipment. There are also many technical details that are exclusive to the GYAKUSOU collection.