Thursday 15 March 2012

Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh was one of the exotic American cities I got to visit on my tour around the US few weeks ago. Not the most urban place on earth, but the climate seemed really nice considering it was just early spring out there.

Like all over the States sports is really big in Raleigh. The fact that that's just the stadium for the University team pretty much sets the scale. Michael Jordan also played in NC in his college years, playing with a triple-double average on his final year.

And here's a quick Instagram from RBC Center, the home of Carolina Hurricanes. The stadium is in the middle of nowhere, but it gets packed really fast.

iPhone pic of a Five Guys burger at Raleigh-Durham Airport. Can't remember eating a better burger anywhere in Finland and well, this one is from an airport. I've slowly but steadily become more and more addicted to instagram and now that they're launching it for Android there will hopefully be even more friends joining in. If you're out there already follow or comment on ig: jasonfi