Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Did I just visit the world's best kebab restaurant? Hasir is often referred to as the number one kebab place in the ethnic Kreuzberg district of Berlin, which at least places it into the world elite of restaurants serving Doner Kebab.

I tried the popular Iskender kebab and it was really a memorable experience with freshly made sauce and turkish yoghurt dressing. That meal actually made me believe in kebab again after staying away from it for a while and I heard the kebab & rice dish pictured above was nice too.

Hasir Kreuzberg also has it's trademark grill for the turkish meat dishes that require more cooking. Considering the quality of the food eating at Hasir's is a bargain: the doner kebab -based meals cost between 7-15€ and for really travellers on a budget there's also a 3,50€ Durum Doner available outside the menu.

Hasir originally opened in 1971 in Kreuzberg and the company now has six restaurants all located in the Doner Capital. You can find the original Hasir right next to Kottbusser Tor on Adalbertstrasse 10-12. More info is available on their website.


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