Tuesday 17 April 2012


Small independent fast food restaurants serving a carefully created menu of fast food made from fresh ingredients is not something you see in every street corner in Helsinki. Especially not after midnight. That makes falafel specialists Fafa's an even more of a welcome addition to the northern end of isoroba (Iso Roobertinkatu 2 to be more exact).

I recently tried the halloumi & falafel pita and it was honestly one of the best fast food meals I've ever had in Helsinki. Everything was fresh and tasty, actually so tasty that if I had been really hungry I would've bought another one right away.

All in all this modern fast food restaurant is one that deserves all the recognition it can get. And maybe that will also encourage people to open more fresh fast food places like this in Helsinki in the future.

You can find Fafa's opening hours at Eat.fi and some background info about the restaurant also at it's official Facebook Page.