Saturday 14 April 2012


You have seen 3d-renderings of dolphins, Unicorn Kid youtube videos & trippy nautical clothes & pics on this blog already in last summer. Thousands of similar content pieces scattered all over the internet transformed into a microtrend that American trend visionary / DJ / twitter personality @LILINTERNET later coined as Seapunk.

The sound mixing old school house, trance, chopped rap vocals and britney spears often layered on top of each other originally surfaced on Unicorn Kid's Tidal Rave EP and more specifically the accompanying Coral Reefer Mixtape.

Seapunk was also recently featured by New York Times as a rising trend. And since this is the spring/summer of digital prints in the fashion world I wouldn't be surprised to see more post-modernist nautical sweaters like these masterpieces from the worlds first Seapunk label Coral Records Internazionale:

The shirts above are nothing but photochops so far, however Tamagotchi Funeral has posted real images of something similar.

The biggest reason for me to post about a trend that is not exactly brand new any more is to tell you that I finally had the time to setup a Pinterest account for JASON.FI. This #seapunk board is just one example of all the cool things you can do with Pinterest.

Check out all JASON.FI boards on Pinterest:

Good article about #Seapunk at SUPERSUPER:

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