Friday 5 August 2011

ShoeZeum x 309431-101

Earlier this week I ran into an amazing video about Shoezeum - which is basically a million dollar shoe collection that has been transformed into a museum. Even if you weren't that much into sneakers this clip is definitely worth checking out:

Jordy Geller has built & funded his epic collection of rare Nike sneakers through buying and selling on eBay. At one point you could even buy a guided tour to Shoezeum via eBay.

The first time I used my own money on sneakers was around 2004-2005 when I bought these Nike Dunk Lows [309431-101]. I still have them and inspired by ShoeZeum I decided to wear them at work last Thursday.

I also managed to find a perfectly deadstock pair of the same shoe from I don't have any specific plans on when to wear these - all I know is that it has to be a really special occasion.