Wednesday 24 August 2011

RDS/FSU 2002/2012

I spent a lot of time skateboarding and watching #sk8videos as a kid - and when looking back at it now it was definitely time well spent. One of the most memorable videos from back in the days was RDS/FSU (2002). There's some great skateboarding in it, but the funny extra footage (including Steve Caballero & Tony Hawk getting wasted) & the crazy soundtrack were the things that made it more fun to watch with some friends than the average 411VM. And don't get me wrong, I a watched all the classics too & even had 'Blind - Video Days' on a bootleg VHS.
Having actually looked through eBay for any decent RDS merch many times between 2005-2010 with poor results I was truly overwhelmed to find out that they now have an online store that ships overseas. Didn't take me long to cop the RDS x Starter cap & iPhone 4 cover. On the second image there's a small collage of some other nice gear from RDSSKATESUPPLY.COM.

I can recommend checking out the full inventory of the RDS store. Prices are cheap too with the current CA<->EUR exchange rate!

If you've never heard of RDS/FSU 2002 - here's the full version (WITH #SK8VIDEOS BUMPERS !!!)

And in case you don't have time for the full vid - here's some highlights:

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