Saturday 6 August 2011

Berlin Calling

As some of ya'll might know I visited Berlin on the tradeshow&fashion week 4 weeks ago. Berlin is famous for it's electronic music scene and it really was interesting to go to some truly legendary nightclubs w/ JENKEM_SNIFFA, Tuukka13, MikmoTooLicky, DinWeasel & many others. Sorry for the lack of pics - photography was strictly forbidden in most clubs and we decided to respect that.

Many venues were built inside old residencies. One of these I can especially recommend is called (Salon - Fur Die Wilden) Renate. In terms of iPhone apps Shazam was way more relevant than Camera+ over there so don't have any images from Renate (the one above is from Bright Tradeshow afterparty at KTV).

Also got to see one of the original Libertines - Gary Powell - play a DJ-set at White Trash Fast Food. Gary's electro-set was quite weird and as WTFF was one of the worst clubs/bars we went to. When you bump into a Finnish tourist in a Mokoma shirt & sandalsXsocks it's probably time to go somewhere else pretty quick (no pics of that sry :D).

In Berlin Club-Mate is a very popular healthy & organic alternative to energy drinks. It contains plenty of good antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.

All Berghain images except for the last one belong to their respective owners. I suppose nobody's allowed to take photos in there anyway lol..
Not surprisingly the highlight of Berlin nightlife was Berghain & Panorama Bar, the world capital of techno located in between Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg. Berghain is famous for not letting in 70% of the people on the cue. I got in no hassle on two consecutive nights, but they really did deny entry for most people on the queue. It's really all about how you dress & behave (speaking a bit of german won't hurt either).

Berlin Calling is a tragicomedy about the bright and dark sides of electronic music culture. German techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner plays the headline role in the movie and also created a solid soundtrack for it. Drugs are strongly involved on the storyline, but well - I've never even tried any and I could still enjoy this movie so I think this one can be recommended to anyone interested in electronic music. Shoutouts to the one & only JIMMY HOFFA for originally telling me to listening to the soundtrack of this movie.

Paul Kalkbrenner also created an Essential Mix for BBC Radio1 just few weeks ago. Click here to listen & download (via CoreNews).

BTWxFYI I'm probably heading back to Berlin w/ Tuukka13 pretty soon so there might be a strong sequel to this post. peace.


  1. Fuck off taking pictures inside Berghain. Hope you die in a grease fire.
    Love from Berlin <3

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