Friday, 18 March 2011



Bought a second pair same chinos in different color from Zara just a few days ago.

Gotta support Japanese culture in these really hard times for that country. Hopefully they get everything under control and my friend Jan get's to go for well deserved exchange studies. These are from Stockmann Deli though, but atleast one of the people working the friday evening shift was genuinely Japanese - and Stockmann Deli does beat all other non-restaurant sushi I've come across so far.

Gotta compensate for them low carbs, man!

Busy P & Co are also showing support for Japan with this charity t-shirt. Unlike most coolcats releases, it's not really limited edition.

Oh, and THE WEEKEND'S HERE. I can highly recommend tuning into BBC Radio 1 from 21:00 GMT+2 onwards.

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