Wednesday 8 June 2011


I caught a small injury in this week's edition of Monday Night Football and the grand total of one (1) stitch in the forehead is forcing me to skip a full week of training. On the bright side it gave me the spare time required to redesign this blog in order to make it easier to read and comment on!

Here's an inspiring piece of clothing to celebrate JASON.FI 2.0 [and to demonsrate the capabilities of ULTRA HD 480P IMAGES #3D_IS_NEXT]:

Ran into this vintage Levi's denim shirt in #VALTTERI last winter (while getting rid of plenty of my old gear). That specific fleamarket is srsly unchill, but the shirt is perfect especially when worn with shorts.

 What do you think of the new blog layout (or that shirt)?  Let me know a.k.a. GET INVOLVED!