Monday 20 June 2011


S0narWeek in BCN is not only about the official event. After Sonar by Night had closed at around 7:30am we still had the energy to find a cab that could take us to El Prat Beach to check out the infamous EL ROW Sunday Morning afterparty.

Big names like TIGA & Richie Hawtin have previously played at these events. I think the biggest artist on this lineup was Adam Beyer who's some sort of a techno legend from Sweden. Anywayzz the sound was good throughout the event.

Here's some footage from previous events at ROW14:

And here's some footage of the epic journey to El Prat:

Most of the half way crook cab drivers drifting 150km/h between El Prat and BCN City are blasting FlaixFM which is practically the Catalan version of KLF - only with the exception that FlaixFM is actually constantly presenting fresh & entertaining mainstream club music (whilst KLF still seems to be occasionally playing Barbie Girl by Aqua and other srsly awkward stuff).

Music-wise FlaixFM doesn't really have anything to do with Sonar (or ROW14 either), but the epic cab rides to El Prat & back are such an essential part of the Sonar afterparty experience that FlaixFM deserves to be on this post.

This year's FlaixFM's #1 post-ironic future superhit of our cab ride was this one (highly unbloggable content but hey that's the point of FlaixFM at 12:30 pm on the SonarWeek Sunday):

And in order not to identify the epicness of Flaix with just one track - here's three more:

Click here 2 listen 2 FlaixFM! And they have an iPhone app too - NICE!

Next posts will be about more advanced music again - meanwhile u can listen to Sonar Radio 2011 by clicking here! Or even order your Sonar2012 pass for the price of 2005 here (Limited time offer!).

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