Saturday 11 June 2011


Here's a few photos from sunny HESA. Saw Rudy & Joda do the street freestyle thing again. Pure entertainment.

This is interesting as well. Someone had LAZER-printed an a4 picture of new Finland NT captain Petri Pasanen fighting for the ball with Rafael Van Der Vaart. No matter how random all signs of football culture in Finland are always worth a positive thumbs up.

Also took some time to read the latest issue of Basso. Worth a subscription - I'd buy one if I didn't end up getting the latest issue for free so often. :-D

Here's some NSFW Rudy Rääväsuu aka Ruudolf classics:
Rääväsuu - Ääni Kuin Kerma
Rääväsuu - Sun Kulmalla

Bought this RudyWöller EP back in ~2004 for 5€ so - it's still probably the only even relatively rare record I've ever owned. As I haven't seen it recently I guess I sold it later, which must've been stupid.