Friday 24 June 2011


Yesterday I saw a local #jonne w/ a effin magikarp tattoo. sry for no pics of that.

Midsummer is the time to play that Finnish DisKo. Tiskijukat Turin Säkki & Keravan Kolli have once again released an epixmixx of Finnish music - attend & download here. These guys might be running out of tracks though - 9 mixes of this stuff is a LOT.

Therefore I'd actually suggest YA'LL to listen to the legendary SYNTEETTINEN SUOMI II by DISCO URSE & DISCO KÄKI. I've had this on my playlist for yars but it still sets the standard for these mixes IMO. CLICK HERE 2 DOWNLOAD/STREAM THAT STUFF ***** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!! p4k 10.0

and if u r spendin #summerinthecity SLAP Juhannus Special is the place to go. 

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