Sunday 22 January 2012

VOO Concept Store

The Entrance is almost identical with 10 Corso Como in Milan
In Berlin the most interesting boutiques and restaurants are usually located in the Mitte area so the owners of Voo Concept Store had made a bold move by setting up shop deep into Kreuzberg several U-Bahn Stations from the borders of Mitte.

Currently looking for that Pendleton Wooden Mills blanket in Queen/King size. Leave a Comment if you know where to get it online & shipped to Finland.
The 300m2 space used to belong to a locksmith and it has been cleaned up nicely.
There's also a small cafe at the other end of the space.
Like many independent fashion concept stores Voo mixes stylish brands from various styles and price ranges. In the beginning of 2012 there was plenty of interesting stuff in stock, but I ended up buying just one book.

Thanks to Tuukka13 for the tip on Voo. Otherwise might've missed this one.