Sunday 15 January 2012


Berghain is a legendary nightclub built inside a former power plant between Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg parts of Berlin. Going to the place often described as one of the world capitals of techno is always something special. All the hype brings in a lot of tourists, but Sven Marquardt and his people on the door seem to be skilled at selecting people who are in for the music and the party and also know how to behave.

Here's some quick photos of my outfit for the Klubnacht Total Silvester 2011/2012 event.
Original Dr. Martens are always good for long days / nights.
Worn out Cheap Monday + Weekday T-shirt
Laura Vartio 06 Necklace
Laura Vartio is a cool Finnish designer/blogger who's been designing jewelry for several years now. The collection where that necklace is from is the first collection bearing her own name which is always a sign of certain dedication. Limited run of the nails&leather infused collection was available at Helsinki10 before xmas - more photos and maybe also info on retail availability can be found on the official facebook page.