Monday 9 May 2011


Ran The Helsinki City Run 1/2-marathon on Saturday. Last year I had some injury problems at HCR, but everything went better than expected and I set my PB at 1:22:58. This year I didn't really have too much time to sleep or even not be on my legs before the race and it really showed in the results.

At first I thought of not even posting the time here, but perhaps 21,1km@1:26:51 should be here to remind me that next year it's better go to the line prepared or not go at all. I wonder which hurt more, the pain in my legs that were tired before the start or realising that I wasn't going to improve my PB, which I had done on the last 3 consecutive 1/2 marathons.

Except for my miserable 1,5 hours on the track it was a really great day though! The weather was perfect and it was fun to meet some old & new friends at Nike Run House.

Beni & Olli played the best tunes I've heard in any running related event ever.

Back when I was designing this Run House print there was still snow on the ground.

Want to win a limited edition Nike Run House t-shirt? Check out Shafik's HCR posting & contest.

// Photos above by Petri Kovalainen - cheers m8.

When I first heard some mixes by John B I really wasn't all that impressed. Recently took a second look at some of his stuff and at least 'John B Podcast 080' sounds like a perfect soundtrack for a fast paced run. Fresh style to mix dnb with elements from modern electro and even italo disco.

Shoutout to the old long distance runner & uk rave digger Mikko (pictured in a serious hangover) for first recommending John B. I guess I ran into the wrong mixes back then.

I don't carry my ipod on running events like HCR though. But a good soundtrack is absolutely essential for any training run.

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