Sunday 30 October 2011


Ellen Allien is the founder of BPitch Control, a music producer, fashion designer and a generally talented individual. I had heard some Ellen Allien tracks earlier, but really fell in love with her experimental techno today after hearing this.

In addition to being arguably one of the greatest German techno producers Ellen Allien doesn't disappoint as a fashion designer either. I really like her latest Night & Day Winter 2011 collection. You can view & buy the full RTW line of items at

From the men's collection I especially like these two designs. The shirt on the left is something I'd be happy to match with vtg glacier shades for the Berghain queue.

Below is some selected Ellen Allien tunes. Our Utopie (Kasem Mosse Remix) might actually be the best 7½ minutes of music I've heard all year. And I've heard a lot. mMmm TRESOR. ♬❣▼