Sunday 17 March 2013

A Good Listen.

Been listening to a lot of old and new music lately. Here's five completely different tracks that I like right now.

Kasper Bjørke & The Pierces - Doesn't Matter (Trentemøller remix)

Satellite Stories - Costa Del Sol '94. The whole Phrases to Break the Ice album is good.

Sixto Rodriguez - Climb Up on My Music. A Really interesting artist and an interesting story from the streets of Detroit.

Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge - White Noise. Heard this first time while running & listening to yet another Annie Mac Show.

Robosonic - The Edge. If you like this - also check out Robosonic - Worst Love.

Regarding clubs and other places where to hear new music - Lil'Tony's new warehouse club Ääniwalli has been a good place to go lately. Been there twice and both times it was good. No matter what people say I don't think it's very underground, but why should it be. It's still a very interesting venue that focuses on the core of the electronic music experience.


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