Thursday 9 February 2012


Kanye & Jay-Z just released a live video for the arguably controversial Ni**as in Paris track. On the clip filmed in Madison Square Garden Mr. West wears something as provocative as a Givenchy leather kilt. Since I don't follow the #GlobalKanyeScene that closely any more I had completely missed that #SwagMcSwagger tailor made Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci outfit even though first images of it surfaced months ago. However when the video spreads around the internet it will now at least get the people going.

At times the video itself looks likes a Givenchy ad, but of course one that the brand would never want to publish. In my opinion it's still one of the better rap videos.

Speaking of the controversial outfit, kilts can be cool and Givenchy sure is one of the best brands right now. However I think that not trying so hard could've made Kanye's outfit less busy and a lot better.

As a bonus here's a photo of the original Givenchy Rottweiler shirt from FW11:

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