Wednesday 29 February 2012


How's that for a twitter profile pic? Already known from being #TRENDING worldwide Iggy Azalea is the hottest rapper alive right now. Even though I don't even listen to that much rap any more I like her tracks too.

One of her biggest hits so far 'My World' was released with a video full of Converse creepers, studded leather jackets, cotton candy laced in gold, guxxi box xhevys & all that good stuff. Great details & solid filming make this one of the best looking rap videos of all time.

And here's some more clips:

All the tracks above are from Queen Azalean's mixtape//EP Ignorant Art, which can be downloaded for free from

Photos from Iggy Azalea - My World video directed by Alex/2Tone & styled by Alejandra Hernandez & Dani Michelle.

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