Thursday 17 May 2012


Some of you might remember the photos I posted earlier this spring from Minneapolis, Raleigh and Detroit and now I'm happy to finally show you one of the reasons why I was there plus a few behind the scenes photos. Even though I usually try to keep all the work stuff away from here I think this project is something well worth sharing on this blog.

Break The Spell video series shows some of Finland's finest hockey players in their natural environment backed up by an exclusive soundtrack from Gracias.

How I was involved is that amongst many other things I also did the styling for the video shoot. Building the new look of hockey from Nike training and NSW products was truly one of the most interesting projects I've been working on so far. You can also see some more photos I took in the States in fashion pages mixed with some top level photos Taavetti Alin took here in Finland.

High hopes of a whole nation lie on the hands in these gloves tonight. The hosting country hasn't won the World Championship in ice hockey for over 20 years, but let's see if this is the year it happens.

The number 51 remains the same, but tonight the colours of the jersey are the exact opposite. Break The Spell.

Massive shoutouts to Playmakers for filming and especially to Cocoa for producing the films - World Class! And the biggest thank you belongs to the elite athletes involved.

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