Wednesday 24 July 2013

Belong to the World

When The Weeknd's talent in creating this unique 4am-post-rnb sound meets million dollar production budget you'd expect that the outcome would be boring. However the raw explicit tone with all the conceptual smoke & mirrors remain and all this new The Weeknd stuff is well worth a listen.

There's also an interesting (first ever) interview with Abel Tesfaye in Complex magazine online. And an epic directors cut video for the first new track Kiss Land (NSFW). And a cool collaboration with Kavinsky.

However (on other music) news the most interesting conceptual album right now in my opinion is 'Götterstrassse' by long time german techno producer Westbam. Minimal rhytms mixed to interesting list of guest vocals from Brian Molko and Richard Butler to Kanye West & Lil' Wayne. Listen to the full album on Spotify here. Or watch the video for track #1 'You Need the Drugs' on YouTube - even though I couldn't disagree more with the message of the song the gloomy sound is just brilliant.