Wednesday 10 July 2013

Lost in a Moment

The second week of June was starting and looking at my calendar and the fact that I hadn't booked any travels anywhere it didn't seem likely that I was going to see Sonar / Off-Sonar at all this year. However when the week was slowly turning into a rainy weekend in Helsinki I did the unexpected and booked really last minute flights for a cool 36h trip to surprise my friends already enjoying sunshine and some of the world's finest electronic music events in Barcelona.

Our apartment (that I surprise-crashed in) at Carrer Banys Nous had a nice rooftop terrace.

One of the finest Off Sonar parties this year was Innervisions: Lost In a Moment at El Monasterio in the historical Montjuic area overlooking the Barcelona city center.

Of course it's tough to remember every track on every set, but Dixon dropping one of the literally most sought after tracks right now 'Agoria - Scala' was unforgettable in all its simplicity. (Check out a video of the track here)

"Thank you for an unique and breathtaking experience in Barcelona. Days like this give us the energy for the rest of the year." - Innervisions

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